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Leadership Series 2010

Cape Breton Leadership: The Next Generation - Fall 2010

Posted by Glenn Carey


A series of feature interviews with the up-and-comers who will help shape the future of Cape Breton Island. 

This series ran in the fall of 2010 as a sequel to our original Leadership Series.  Where the first series looked back at the Cape Bretoners who've influenced public discourse over the past decades, The Next Generation introduces you to some of the people whose influence will be felt in the next 20 years. 

Below you can find all the interviews as they ran in the original series.

Kim Desveaux

Posted by Glenn Carey

KimDSC00095TNG1.jpgKim Desveaux is the CBRM councillor for District 6 in New Waterford. First elected in 2008, the rookie councillor is making a name for herself as someone who questions the current leadership and the status quo.

She's an entrepreneur. She and her husband own a silkscreening shop called "Something Creative", though Kim gave up her position at the company when she was elected to council.

She just turned forty this summer and ran her first 5K. And when she stopped by the studio, Steve Sutherland found out that she certainly hasn't run out of steam. 

Kim Desveaux  (runs 18:00)

Kate Oland

Posted by Glenn Carey

KateDSC00079200.jpgKate Oland is no stranger to listeners. You can hear her regularly on our Partyline, sharing the news from her community of Middle River. You've also heard her on our Cape Breton 2030 panel and you may remember her from the fight to save Middle River School five years ago.

If you live in Victoria County, you've probably met her on the bookmobile or in the library in Baddeck as an assistant with the Cape Breton Regional Library.

You may also bump into her at the new Baddeck Community Market where she and her husband sell vegetables from their organic farm. And while she's harvesting crops, she's also sowing seeds for a sustainable future for her children, community and Cape Breton. 

Kate Oland  (runs 17:30) 

Geoff MacLellan

Posted by Glenn Carey


Geoff MacLellan was elected to the Nova Scotia Legislature in June 2010. He was the successful candidate in the by-election to replace Liberal MLA Dave Wilson.

He's no stranger to politics, though. At 21, he became a riding assistant for the Liberal MP for Cape Breton Canso, Rodger Cuzner. At 24, he became his Executive Assistant, the youngest in Atlantic Canada at the time. Now, at 31, Geoff is hoping to make his own mark in provincial politics.

And when Geoff MacLellan takes his seat in the House of Assembly in Halifax for the first time, he'll bring a little bit of the Bay with him.

Geoff MacLellan  (runs 16:27)

Chad Munro

Posted by Glenn Carey

ChadDSC00087200Cw.jpgChad Munro is the founder and President of Halifax Biomedical located in Mabou. He employs highly skilled biomedical engineers from around the world serving customers across the globe.

The 35 year old entrepreneur took a chance on the community of Mabou and Cape Breton after finding some powerful backing from none other than Irving Schwartz.

This interview with Chad Munro was recorded before Irving's death on September 18, 2010. 

Chad Munro  (runs 16:00)

Mike Targett

Posted by Glenn Carey


Mike Targett first came to our attention as the sustainability co-ordinator for the "Green Beacon" Project at the Coastal Discovery Centre in Main-a-Dieu. His job was to make the community more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Now, he's taking what he learned there, and a passion for our Island, to fuel his business and volunteer efforts to try to make a better future for Cape Breton.

Mike is a 29 year old father of two. He runs a web development and consulting business called Targett Design in Sydney. He's also one of the founders of the citizens group - "Green Cape Breton".

Mike Targett (runs 14:48)

Alex Paul

Posted by Glenn Carey


AlexDSCF7120TNGa.jpgAlex Paul has his eye on the future. Currently, he's the training co-ordinator for the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership program for the Unama'ki Economic Benefits Office at Membertou First Nation in Sydney.

Before the 43 year old could take on his vision for the future, first he had to connect with his past.

Alex Paul  (runs 15:29)

Lucy Wintermans

Posted by Glenn Carey

LucyDSC00090TNG.jpgLucy Wintermans is taking steps to create artistic opportunities for young people in Cape Breton.

She began her dance training at age 3. Now, she is a certified dance instructor, and had been operating Lucy Wintermans School of Dance, since 2002.

In 2008, the award winning choreographer created the East Side Arts Academy in Sydney offering various classes in music, drama, visual arts, and dance. She also runs a dance school in Glace Bay.

Lucy enjoys new challenges and experiences. She sits on the executive of JCI Cape Breton, an organization for young professionals. She is active in the business community, and as the proud mother of twins.

Lucy Wintermans  (runs 15:31)

John Ouellette

Posted by Glenn Carey

JohnDSC00123TNG1.jpgThe Canso Causeway connects Cape Breton Island with the mainland but the Strait area straddles both shores. And so does John Ouellette.

As an employee of Bell Aliant, his job takes him throughout north eastern Nova Scotia while his volunteer commitments keep him firmly planted on the Island, with a view to building the future.

John is a board member and former employee of the Strait Highlands Regional Development Association. The 44 year old is also the President of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce. 

John Ouellette  (runs 16:04)

Donnie Calabrese

Posted by Glenn Carey

DonnieDSCF7111TNG.jpgWhen he's not on stage as bass player with the Tom Fun Orchestra, Donnie Calabrese is helping set the stage for an artistic awakening in Sydney's North End.

The 26 year old has co-founded a community newspaper there called "The Turnip".

Donnie also hosts concerts with visiting musicians in his own home. And he's a Board member with the Cape Breton Music Industry Co-operative.

The group is administering a new Export Fund to help artists who are poised to break into international markets.

Donnie Calabrese  (runs 14:19)

Nicole LeBlanc

Posted by Glenn Carey


Nicole LeBlanc is a person who is really in tune with her community. She's a music teacher at NDA school in Ch├ęticamp.

She also performs, conducts a community choir and when she was growing up in the Acadian community, she was very active with Le Conseil des Arts de Ch├ęticamp.

And at 25, she's hoping to encourage the next generation to discover their culture through the arts.

Nicole LeBlanc (runs 15:29)

Derek Mombourquette

Posted by Glenn Carey


At 30, Derek Mombourquette is the youngest member of council in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

But he was much younger when he got his first taste of municipal politics. When he was just a kid, he campaigned with his uncle, former CBRM councillor Arnie Mombourquette.

It was part of a family legacy of community service.

One he plans to continue by serving the residents of District 10, and the municipality at large.  

 Derek Mombourquette  (runs 15:48)

Allan MacMaster

Posted by Glenn Carey

AllanDSC00103tng.jpgAsk Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster the quintessential Cape Breton question, "What's your father's name?", and he'll answer Buddy, yes, that Buddy.

While Allan may not share his famous father's passion for playing the fiddle, he does share a passion for politics. And he learned the political ropes from another accomplished fiddler, former Premier Rodney MacDonald. He was his executive assistant for seven years and when Rodney stepped down, he stepped up and ran for the seat, winning it last Fall.

Now, the 36 year old Rookie MLA is playing his own tune.

Allan MacMaster (runs 15:33)

Jill MacPherson

Posted by Glenn Carey

JillDSCF7108tng.jpgJill MacPherson of Port Morien takes the phrase think global, act local and stands it on its head, she thinks local and acts global.

The recent CBU grad ran a chapter of Amnesty International and Save the Children at the University. And, we first met her last winter when she was a global ambassador for the Active 8 campaign of the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation. It was a campaign to get people make pledges for change locally and globally.

Now the 25 year old is in Kenya, working with Save the Children. We managed to catch up with Jill this summer, before she left. 

Jill MacPherson  (runs 13:11)

Dr. Chris Milburn

Posted by Glenn Carey

ChrisDSCF7127tng.jpgDr. Chris Milburn believes a healthy dose of competition does a body good. When he's not on shift at the ER at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney, he's training for his next triathlon.

The 40 year old physician is a strong supporter of active living, and a strong believer in speaking up. He's run provincially and federally for the Green Party.

And he's taken some public stands that have proven unpopular.

Dr. Chris Milburn  (runs 16:23)

Gloria Hill

Posted by Glenn Carey

GloriaDSCF7141tng.jpgGloria Hill isn't really one to make waves, but she's got the airwaves covered.

She is Information Morning's volunteer Partyline correspondent for Janvrins Island in Richmond County.

She's also the general manager of Telile Community Television in Arichat. Gloria is 44 years old.

She sees her role as reflecting her community back to itself, a community where she's often at the helm of volunteer efforts. 

Gloria Hill  (runs 16:15)

Jamie Crane

Posted by Glenn Carey

JamieDSCF7121tng1.jpgJamie Crane has put in quite a few miles on the campaign trail already, even though she's still only 32 years old.

She started volunteering with the NDP as a teenager and has worked both federally and provincially. She even ran in the provincial election in 2006 in Cape Breton South.

Now, after years of working and waiting, her party is on the government side of the house.

And she's working as the provincial NDP Caucus Outreach Officer for Cape Breton and the eastern Nova Scotia.

Jamie Crane (runs 16:20)

Jaime Battiste

Posted by Stan Kennedy

JaimeDSCF7132TNG2.jpgJaime Battiste is senior advisor to the Eskasoni Band Council.

At thirty years old, he is pretty young to be called a senior advisor. But that's just what he does for Eskasoni First Nation and he was hand picked for the position. 

After completing his law degree at Dalhousie University, he began teaching at Cape Breton University.

But it wasn't long before he was drawn back home to Eskasoni.

Jaime Battiste  (runs 17:05)

Mark Sparrow

Posted by Glenn Carey

MarkDSCF7124tng.jpgYou may remember hearing quite a bit from Mark Sparrow back in September when we launched Cape Breton Leadership:The Next Generation, he was a member of our panel discussing the island's future, the event was called - Cape Breton 2030.

Mark is 29 years old and he works with the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council.

He's also president of the Cape Breton chapter of Junior Chamber International, an organization for young professionals. 

Mark Sparrow  (runs 14:39)

Dwayne MacEachern

Posted by Glenn Carey


When Dwayne MacEachern was a teenager, he followed the path of many Cape Bretoners. He headed 'down the road' just as soon as he could.

But he quickly discovered the grass is not always greener on the other side. And, it wasn't long before he was back home in Judique.

Dwayne is 32 years old, and since he came home, he has thrown his hat in the ring for the Federal Green Party. And discovered a passion for community economic development.

Dwayne MacEachern (runs 15:00)

Jenn Power

Posted by Glenn Carey

JennDSCF7565tng.jpgSome people say their work is their life but for Jenn Power, her life is her work.

She's the Executive Director, or Community Leader, of L'Arche Cape Breton. It's part of an international federation of communities where men and women with developmental disabilities, and those who choose to share life with them, live and work together.

Jenn is a familiar voice as our PartyLine correspondent for L'Arche. She is 38 years old and she comes to Cape Breton from Calvert, Newfoundland.

Jenn Power (runs 17:59)

Lisa Boudreau

Posted by Glenn Carey


Lisa Boudreau is 44 years old, and she's the managing director of Boudreau Fuels in Arichat. She also runs Caper Gas, which has eight gas retailers in Cape Breton.

And, she's just launched a new business venture called Home Grown Rewards. Its a loyalty program where people can redeem points at participating local businesses.

Lisa Boudreau's business ventures are fueled by her passion for this place and a belief in home grown purchasing power.

Lisa Boudreau (runs 17:10)