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A Place To Call Home

Another Place To Call Home

Posted by Glenn Carey

In a follow-up story in our series - "A Place To Call Home", Reporter Jennifer Henderson peers into the problem faced for many with disabilities in Nova Scotia. She reports on how the Department of Community Services may be failing those citizens. (runs 12:05)

A Place To Call Home 9

Posted by Glenn Carey

All this week, a number of issues have been raised about the need for clean, safe and affordable housing in the CBRM. Now, the Nova Scotia Minister of Community Services reflects on some of them. (runs 8:08)

A Place To Call Home 8

Posted by Glenn Carey

If there are so many people who need housing and so many abandoned buildings in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, can the two problems be turned into one solution? Reporter Wendy Martin has the story. (runs 12:45)