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May 26, 2011
  • Learn more about the Bras d'Or Stewardship Society and the events they sponsor, such as:  Celebrating The Bras d'Or - A Contest for Students

  • For the past couple of months, we have been on the hunt for 8 artists to round out the line-up of featured artists for our Calendar Project and art auction.  For more information on the artists, please visit the following link:   "Sharing The View" .

  • The Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists is holding its Annual General Meeting from June 3rd to 5th at the Gaelic College in St. Anns.  For more information you can check out their web page at: Nature Nova Scotia.

  • The Canadian Hurricane Centre has released its forecast for the 2011 hurricane season. Their overall message was "be aware and be prepared". For tips on Emergency Planning: Get Prepared 
    Track the location of the storm @ StormPulse

  • Rebecca MacDonald, a young woman from Sydney, went to Guatemala in Central America on a six month internship with "Breaking the Silence" - a non-governmental organization. Visit their website to learn more about the network.

  • When Ben Furey and A.J. Fraser decided to kayak around Cape Breton... they meant AROUND Cape Breton Island. For more details, check out their site Expedition

  • The long and bumpy road... know of one?  The Atlantic chapter of the Canadian Automobile Association is sponsoring a contest to pick the worst road in Atlantic Canada. Check their website for the Top 20 Worst Roads or to enter your worst road. Worst Roads Website 

  • The 14th annual week long Arts Festival - PierScape 2011 - Diversity  features exhibits, writers and musicians from May 9th - May 14th, 2011. Click the link above for more details. 

  • The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board is looking for your assessment of New Policies that cover everything from cellphones in schools to a dress code for employees and volunteers.

  • Nova Scotia Environment has a new pesticide ban in place throughout the province. Learn more of what you can use, and can buy for your Lawns and Ornamental Gardens.

  • The Cape Breton Regional Library is looking for a "Storyteller-in-Residence".  If you'd like to apply or nominate someone, you can pick up an application at any branch of the Cape Breton Regional Library or visit their website "Storyteller-in-Residence"

  • For more information on the Cape Breton Family YMCA "Learn to Run" program, you can visit: Fiddlers Run and YMCA
  • ... if you would like to download the "Learn to Run" schedule, please visit
     the following link: 5K Training Schedule
  • You can see nine-year-old Mikayla Lynn's video "The Joke's On You" on Youtube

  • Senior Care and Siblings.  Home Instead Senior Care is a private homecare company in Halifax. If you'd like more information on the study the company commissioned, please click on the following link: Solving Family Conflict

  • A new on-line cookbook from the dietitians in the Cape Breton District Health Authority. It's called "Cooking your Way to a Healthy Life" and it's available free on the website of the CB District Health Authority.

  • For more information on hypertension and sodium you can visit the website of the Nova Scotia Heart and Stroke Foundation.

  • Visit the website to learn more about Glaucoma and World Glaucoma Week, March 6-12, 2011.

  • Mike Little of Port Hood took videos of his travels across North Mountain on Friday, March 04th, 2011.
    Click the links below for video of the first car through the snow drifts on North Mountain.

                           North Mountain # 1                 North Mountain # 2

  • In March 2011, the North Sydney Forum will close after 64 years. Recently, a story by Joe O'Connor of The National Post was published about this Northside landmark, read the article here:  Forum's Final Days

  • If you want to learn more about Canada Learning Bonds and whether your child qualifies, click on the following link: Smart SAVER

  • From February 10th - March 20th, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality is sponsoring its first Winterfest in several years. Get details of events here:  Winter Festival 2011 

  • Here is your chance to voice your thoughts about the Bell Museum. Parks Canada is developing a new management plan and it wants to hear from you. Get details here:  Help Plan The Future 

  • The Cape Breton District Health Authority offers a new Pre-Hab Hip & Knee Clinic. To access a Guide for Orthopaedic Surgery Patient Information, click: My Surgery
  • Jacob Deng, a "lost boy"of Sudan, is dedicated to raising funds for children's education in Southern Sudan through the Wings Of Hope website.

  • The Historica-Dominion Institute is honouring our first Prime Minister - Sir John A. MacDonald - in a unique way.  For more details, you can visit their website: historica-dominion.ca

  • Vote for local projects looking for funding from the Pepsi Refresh Project, get more information on both applications at - Blacksmith School and Home Match CB, also, learn more about each organization here: CBBA  and  HMCB 

  • A Newcomers group has been formed to help people who move to Cape Breton create a place for themselves in the community, check out: SEABRIM Newcomers
  • Our annual "Light Up A Life" fundraiser for Feed Nova Scotiaraised over $37,333.84  with your dedication, generosity and participation. Thank You.
  • Information Morning's Book Panel "Gift Suggestions for Christmas 2010"

  • Information Morning's "Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange 2010"

  • If you'd like more information on the Golden Apple Award" that is offered and sponsored by Doctors Nova Scotia, visit their website doctorsns

  • As a follow-up to our Toxic Toys story... get more information about buying safe toys, check out the extensive ratings at Healthy Stuff  or  you can also visit the website of Health Canada.

  • To view the housing study conducted by Dr. Stephen Hwang of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, click - Housing Vulnerability and Health: Canada's Hidden Emergency

  • Check out the list from Public Health Services for Community Flu Clinics in your area: CBDHA Flu Clinics

  • Gaelic language and culture for the Christmas season is what you'll be immersed in during a weekend at the Gaelic College, for details: Christmas Gaelic Weekend

  • Living with Chronic Pain?  Get information on Chronic Pain Services and Clinics offered by the Cape Breton District Health Authority here:  CBDHA Chronic Pain 
  • A production of "Vimy" will premiere at the Boardmore Theatre on Remembrance Day 2010. For information on performances, visit:  CBU Boardmore Playhouse

  • For more information on Silver Donald Cameron's new book - A Million Futures: The Remarkable Legacy of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation,  visit  silverdonaldcameron.ca

  • Nova Scotia's emergency health advisor Dr. John Ross has released his report - The Patient Journey Through Emergency Care in Nova Scotia: A Prescription for New Medicine.

  • Have you heard about the "Thingamaboob" ?  ...discover 'what it is' on the Canadian Cancer Society's Nova Scotia webpage.

  • Learn more about the Taylor Mitchell Legacy Trust that has been established by Taylor's mom, Emily. Taylor was killed by coyotes in the CB Highlands last year.

  • A review of Agricultural Land Use by the Nova Scotia Land Review Committee can be viewed via this link: Review PDF  

  • A scary sequel will premiere this week, The Cape Breton Stage Company presents "Tales from the Bottom of the Well 2" at St. Patrick's Museum in Sydney.  For details, enter here: CB Stage Co. 

  • Find out more about JCI Cape Breton and the HYPE! Awards & Dinner "honouring young professionals and entrepreneurs" from their website: HYPE! 

  • The organization Community Links is offering Mobility Workshops for Seniors through the program - Preventing Falls Together - register by phoning  563-3751 or by  e-mail co-ordinator

  • For information about the Can-Bike Courses, starting Friday, Oct. 18th, and how to register for the 18 hour course, visit the Velo website: Velo Cape Breton

  • Visit the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat website for more information:  APCFNC

  • For nine days in October, Cape Breton Island celebrates both music and culture with its annual Celtic Colours International Festival - October 8th -16th, 2010

  • Friday, October 1st, 2010 - an Interfaith Symposium will be held at Cape Breton University. Its being organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Sydney, to register or enquire, email them at this link: Interfaith

  • The 2nd Annual Cabot Trail Writers Festival at North River, Cape Breton, will be happening October 01-03, 2010. Get details from their website:  Festival

  • Everyone loves festivals, check out Rendez-vous Cap-Breton a festival of French culture, and enjoy a Canada-wide celebration of arts and culture during Culture Days

  • Find out more of the new management plan for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park from Parks Canada - Management Plan

  • Discover more about Bhaktimarga Swami, a follower of the Hare krishna movement, visit his website: The Walking Monk 

  • If you were a caregiver for a dying loved one, and the patient died a year or more ago, Cape Breton researchers would like to talk to you for the Palliative Care Study. They're examining the barriers that prevent people from dying in the place they choose. To volunteer for the study, or to get more information, call Sue Korol at 563-1297, Sheila Profit at 563-1410, or you can email them.

  • To sponsor Stephanie MacDonald in her fundraiser, visit Rapel The Bridge! website
  • Find out about "The Parkinson's SuperWalk" - which is a fundraiser for Parkinson Society Canada
  • For information about the CBRM's solid waste program:  Call 567-1337 or visit their web-site at: Solid Waste
  • The community of Meat Cove has set up a web-site where you can donate money for flood recovery: MEAT COVE FLOOD

  • To find out more about The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). Please click on the following link: Air Health

  • Find out why the government is floating the idea of community lands trust in Nova Scotia, and how they might work to preserve large parcels of the province. To find out more, click on the following link:  Community Lands Trust

  • The recipe for the Strawberry Summer Foot Scrub, heard about on Information Morning, is listed below:

    Strawberry Summer Foot Scrub Recipe
    10 strawberries
    2 tbsp. olive oil
    1 tsp. coarse salt
    Mix the ingredients into a paste and massage it onto your feet (and hands, if you like!), rinse it off, and dry.
  • Membertou First Nation will host the Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Summer Games 2010, August 25-30th.

  • ABC's Good Morning America series - Weekend Window - featured Cape Breton recently, watch the video here GMA CB

  • Nova Scotia Power's pilot program - Pull The Plug has been quite successful in CBRM and HRM. Find out more at pulltheplugtosave

  • The 20th Feis an Eilein activities and programs offered are listed on their website: Feis an Eilein

  • For more information on the Fiddlers Run, you can visit their website by clicking on the following link: <http://www.capebretonfiddlersrun.com/>

  • Learn more about the Atlantic Burn Camp sponsored by the Cape Breton Firefighters Burn Care Society.

  • Bird Studies Canada offers additional information on the Nova Scotia Piping Plover Conservation Program on their website.

  • For information about Theatre on the Hill in Ingonish - their performances and dates: Theatre On The Hill

  • Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Marion Bridge is opening up the grounds for a Family Camping Experience - July 22-24

  • Nova Scotia composer Scott Macmillan participated in the CBC Radio 2's "The Gallery Project" - view the inspiring paintings and hear the final compositions.

  • For details on the coastal workshop sponsored by East Coast Environmental Law Association, click: "Who Owns The Coast? Sydney"

  • What is the HeartLand Tour 2010? Get the answer on the website HeartLand Tour

  • Get information on Lyme Disease from the Nova Scotia Health and Promotion website for Insect and Animal-Related Diseases

  • Explore the Gaelic College on their campus at St. Ann's, or online at Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts

  • Find out about Dr. Ann Bigelow's study on Mother-Infant Skin-to-Skin Contact at the website: Enhancing Baby's First Relationship 

  • Discover the Steel Plant Museum Society's website here:  Sydney Steel Plant Museum

  • Learn more about the new Disc Golf Course located on Two Crows Farm at Catalone Gut. Two Crows Farm

  • The 225th Anniversary of Cheticamp has the community celebrating with many events scheduled throughout the summer. For details visit their website: Cheticamp225

  • Experiencing the Cape Breton Highlands in a whole new light. Find out how you can hike in the national park by moonlight, flashlight and lantern light. Additional information on their website:  Parks Canada

  • Caregivers and Physicians can get information about Driving and Dementia at the website:  Not If But When.ca 

  • Learn more about The Local Food Fund 2010 Granting Program, and the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. Local Food Fund Grant Program

  • The objective of HomeMATCH is to turn vacant buildings into affordable housing in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Contact the program through this link:  HomeMATCH

  • Hikers are being challenged to consecutively climb, and travel between, the three of the highest mountains in Cape Breton Highlands. For information, click the link:  3 Peaks Challenge

  • Nova Scotia Business Inc. has launched a virtual trade mission in conjunction with the G8 and G20 Summits in Canada, find out more on their homepage:  FashionCollections

  • During the phone-in on June 21st, our weather-watcher Bill Danielson was asked to recommend websites for tracking weather systems. Here are some of his picks:
    Hydrometeorological Prediction Centre 
    Environment Canada
    Environment Canada's Weather Radar image for the Maritimes 
    Canadian Hurricane Centre Homepage 
    Forecasts for the Aurora (northern lights) 
    North Highlands Community Museum weather station, in Cape North 
    Nova Weather Homepage

  • In the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, the Tar Ponds lawsuit can be seen on the Courts of Nova Scotia LIVE webcast starting at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, June 21, 2010

  • The Cabot Trail Working Association has produced new signs to help tourists find live music venues on the scenic drive, learn more from their website: Cabot Trail Travel

  • Cape Breton cartoonist Kate Beaton of Mabou has had her cartoon published in the June 7th edition of New Yorker Magazine. She her other work at Hark! A Vagrant

  • The Clipper 09-10 Round The World Yacht Race is making a stopover in Sydney and Louisbourg, the event features ten sleek vessels, representing countries, cities and regions--including the "Cape Breton Island--Nova Scotia's Masterpiece". For details of their visit: Cape Breton Clipper 

  • CBC Radio 2 has invited five Canadian composers to compose music inspired by artwork at National Gallery of Canada, learn more about The Gallery Project here.

  • The Ingonish Tourism Steering Committee has developed a new web page with hopes of drawing people down north, Experience Ingonish.

  • For further information or to register for the 9th Annual Population Health Day discussion to be held Friday, June 04th, at the Gaelic College in St. Ann's, call Adele Sampson at 567-7293 or email her: Adele Sampson

  • If you are interested in finding out more about: "Music: Cape Breton's Diversity in Unity", a new website launched at Cape Breton University's Beaton Institute.  Please click on the following link: Music: Cape Breton's Diversity in Unity

  • To find out more about the training sessions in Mental Health First Aid call the Employability Partnership at 539-5673

  • The 26th Annual Regional Acadian Games for Nova Scotia will be held in Richmond County - Friday, May 21st - Sunday, May 30th - details on the website: Jeux de l'Acadie

  • The OspreyCam allows you to watch Ethel and Oscar hatch and rear their young with a real time view of the nest, click here for the OspreyCam

  • For more on Nova Scotia's Coastal Management Strategy, visit their website "Our Coast"

  • The 13th Annual PierScape is an arts festival, it runs from May 10th -16th, their theme this year is Anticipation. For more details: PierScape Homepage 

  • The School Closure Review Process has prompted concerned parents in Nova Scotia to form a group and establish a website called "Save Community Schools" 

  • For more information on the biggest cancer study ever undertaken in Atlantic Canada, visit their website: Atlantic PATH.

  • You can register for the Mother's Day 5K Walk and Run on May 9th in Sydney by calling Colleen Carey at 270-5726 or by e-mail

  • Libraries Nova Scotia offers access to historical newspapers from around Nova Scotia by clicking this link: Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers Online

  • In Cheticamp, The Festival de L'Escaouette runs from July 1st until September 19th. To learn more of activities in the Acadian community, visit their website: Cheticamp.ca

  • ACAP Cape Breton is highlighting Earth Week starting April 19th - ACAP CB / Earth Week

  • Local volunteers travel to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to further their efforts of helping the people there. Learn more from their website: Hugs For Haitian Kids

  • Community Historian Jim St. Clair mentioned these websites in his April 14th edition of "Then & Now": The Association of Nova Scotia Museums  and  The Council of Nova Scotia Archives

  • A new community radio station broadcasts Celtic music from the Village of Baddeck: K-LEE Radio

  • To find out more about the new policy relating to costs for Patients needing out of province medical treatment, go to: Patient Travel Costs

  • To register for the training courses in autism risk and safety management for First Responders, use the following email address: autismcapebreton@gmail.com

  • The debate about a debate over climate change continues. Tonight in Sydney, a discussion on the skepticism and science on climate change. To find out more, click on the following link: One Hot Topic

  • The Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station in Cheticamp is hosting a fishermen's forum in Cheticamp tomorrow. Find out more: GAMS Conference

  • A new short film from Nova Scotia charts the decline in fish stocks, from a fisherman's-eye-view. You can see the film on YouTube by following this link:  Through Our Eyes

  • Community spirit is stronger than ever in Mabou. Hockeyville may not be coming to the community but their video submission was a great success! Watch their entry: Orange Pucks in Mabou

  • From farm made cheese to perfect berries, producers are sowing the seeds for value added products that help grow the bottom line. Next week in Truro they'll get together to share their ideas at a symposium open to anyone in the business of agriculture. For more information visit this website: Nova Scotia Agri-Innovation Symposium

  • Health Promotion Clearinghouse wants you to join the Nutrition Month Challenge and take simple steps every day in March to eat better and be more active.Get your Calendar

  • Dalhousie Medical School is holding Community Conversations to assess what you expect in a Doctor: Dalhousie  

  • The Office of the Auditor General of Nova Scotia has released the latest performance and accountability report, view it here: Auditor General's Report   

  • A campaign to support and sustain the CNIB Library Services is called "Right To Read" - show your support and join the group.

  • To view the profiles of the Global Youth Ambassadors and to learn more about their commitment, visit the website Active 8 Campaign.

  • Important information about The Home Renovation Tax Credit for the 2009 Tax Year can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website: HRTC

  • View the report of student engagement and absenteeism in Nova Scotia here: The Minister of Education's Working Committee on Absenteeism and Classroom Climate

  • Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief - Canadian Red Cross and CBC Haiti Relief Website

  • For more information on Canadian Athletes Now, the charity that offers financial support to Olympians, visit their website: CanFund
  • Get more information about the Cape Breton Investment Fund, BCA Venture Capital, offered by BCA Group.

  • To see the white paper on the Proposed Provincial Ban on the sale and use of non-essential pesticides in Nova Scotia, visit their Pests and Pesticide webpage.

  • The new provincial report on the "State of Nova Scotia's Coast", can be viewed here: NS Coast Report

  • For more information, publications, questions or comments concerning Species at Risk programs and activities, visit their website The Species at Risk Public Registry

  • For more information on Christmas Bird Count events in Cape Breton (as mentioned on the Bird Hour!), visit: Christmas Bird Count

  • To learn more about the wind energy company in Cheticamp, and the vertical turbine manufacturer, visit their websites: SรปGen Wind Energy Research and GUAL Industrie

  • Get additional information on the Marine Protected Areas proposal as designated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans off the Nova Scotia coast.

  • For information on sponsoring the fundraiser that inspired Deby Johnston to run The Cabot Trail in December, visit her website: A Dare To Remember 

  • To convince consumers to stick close to home and buy local, the organization Business Alliance for Local Living Economies offers more information on their website.

  • For additional information on the Cape Breton Climate Change Conference in Baddeck, visit the ACAP Cape Breton website for the link.

  • To learn more about NS artist Charles Doucette, visit the website CBC Artspots for his profile.

  • The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Sydney promotes excellence in the field of craft and design serving Cape Breton Island.

  • Get more information on the proposed Whitney Pier Community Heritage Trail here.

  • The Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority is hosting the first "Newcomers Forum" - discussing how to attract and keep people here. Newcomers

  • Professor Stephen Davies has collected thousands of Canadian soldiers' war letters and photos online, visit his website for more information on Canadian Letters and Images Project

  • Allan Cameron, formerly of Sydney, is preserving the personal stories of veterans for the benefit of future generations with a unique project and website Memories Recovered Project

  • For details about H1N1 Vaccine Clinics in your area, and the Flu Season and Precautions, visit the website: Public Health Services

  • Learn more about original theatre in downtown Sydney, for upcoming events and photos, visit The Cape Breton Stage Company.

  • For more on the Nova Scotia Power program - Cleaner, Greener, Brighter energy efficient lighting discount & rebate program, go to: Energy Efficiency

  • To see videos of CYBORG INSECTS, as mentioned in the technology column with Jesse Hirsh, visit:  cyborg moth  and  cyborg beetle

  • Eco Expo 2009 - What is it? What can I expect to see? ...click Eco Expo to answer those questions.

  • For more on the story of the Australian family who sold their house and took off for a trip across North America, visit their site: Year In America

  • Community Historian Jim St. Clair is one of the people making a presentation at the upcoming conference on Home Children, Saturday, Oct. 17th at Cape Breton University. If you'd like more information about the conference, you can e-mail one of the organizers: Dawn Hopkins

  • The first-ever Cabot Trail Writers Festival at the North River Community Hall, in Victoria County, will be held October 2nd - 4th: visit the Festival Website for details. 

  • For more information about Blue-Green Algae, read the fact sheet on the Nova Scotia Department of Environment website or call the local Department of Environment office at 902-625-0791

  • To get additional information or to comment on the Nova Scotia government's Draft for Consultation, click here: Wetland Conservation Policy

  • A Nova Scotia Mushroom Foray event is planned for North River, Cape Breton. Check out the website of the NS Mycological Society for more details. 
  • The Nova Scotia New Home Construction Rebate, for further information, click here: Get Your Rebate

  • Mi'kmaq Language Project is tapping into the digital age. Jilaptoq is an on-line Mi'kmaq dictionary being designed for anyone who wants to learn the language.
    The Mi'kmaq on-line dictionary is available at: firstnationhelp

  • Learn about the Heritage Camp for children and other programs offered at the North Highlands Community Museum and Culture Centre in Cape North by visiting their website North Highlands Community Museum and Culture Centre 

  • Educational Passages uses unmanned sailboats to study wind and currents on the ocean. Visit their website to track boats and log information: Educational Passages 
  • To find out more about the "Motor Maids", the first motorcycling organization for women in North America, visit their website: Motor Maids, Inc. and The Four Corners Tour
  • A Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station is proposed for Cheticamp. It is a community-based cooperative established to study and protect marine life in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Visit their website: GAMS
  • Discover Richmond County on their new website, start exploring today Cape Breton's Heritage Coast
  • ACAP Cape Breton - Centre for Sustainable Communities. For additional information on Programs sponsored by ACAP, visit their website: ACAP
  • For details on "Nutrition Month" and other interesting facts concerning Public Health Services, visit the website: PublicHealth.NS 
  • There is a Cancer Research Project that is recruiting 30-thousand volunteers in our region. If you are between 35 and 69, and would like to take part, check out their website: Atlanticpath 
  • It is The Best Thing You'll Never Do, Please Try - Anti-Litter Campaign 
  • Nova Scotia has proposed legisation to cap greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions as part of the Climate Change Action Plan 
  • Learn more about Cape Breton University's Seniors College and the programs offered during the Winter Session. Visit their website Seniors College 
  • The Alzheimer Society of Canada offers more information about Alzheimer's Disease on their website: Alzheimer.ca 
  • To get more information on Nova Scotia Power's Renewable Energy Plan, click this link: RFP 
  • A new report focusing on Biomass has been released by the Atlantica BioEnergy Task Force - find information at their website. 
  • The Alzheimer's Society registry for people who are at risk of wandering, get more details here: Safely Home
  • Conserve Nova Scotia is putting up cash to help rural communities set up sustainable transportation, for more information, click Grant 
  • The Nova Scotia Food Establishment Inspection Report website is available here: Inquiry 
  • For more information on the proposed "Green" changes to the Provincial Building Code, click here: Nova Scotia's Building Code 
  • Visit the Canadian Hurricane Centre website for updates on advisories, click this link Hurricane Update 
  • View John Whalley's report (CBRM Overview 2008) and other presentations here: CBRM Studies and Reports 
  • The Nova Scotia Archives recently acquired two British newsmagazines from the spring of 1912, which document the sinking of the Titanic. View them online, click: Titanic 
  • To access the 1901 Census & 1911 Census on-line, visit the website described by Jim St. Clair on Then & Now: Automated Geneology 
  • The Faculty Association at Cape Breton University has set up a website to feature some of the interesting research underway at the school. News
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