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November 2010 Archives

New Chief Elected

Posted by Glenn Carey

The people of Eskasoni First Nation have chosen a new leader to replace Charlie Dennis who stepped down in February for health reasons. The new chief of Atlantic Canada's largest Mi'kmaq community, is Leroy Denny. (runs 10:20)

Removing The CAP

Posted by Glenn Carey

Billy Joe MacLean is the Mayor of Port Hawkesbury, and the newly elected president of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities. While the Nova Scotia government is reviewing the Capped Assessment Program, Mayor MacLean feels it should be eliminated. (runs 6:52)

NS Agriculture Plan

Posted by Glenn Carey

The Province of Nova Scotia has developed a plan that will help the industry flourish now and in the future. John MacDonell, the provincial Minister of Agriculture, explains the ten year initiative, "Homegrown Success". (runs 8:21)

To view the 10 year agriculture plan, visit the NS Agriculture site here, "Homegrown Success"

Light Up A Life 2010

Posted by Glenn Carey

CBC Cape Breton kicked off its 4th annual "Light Up A Life" campaign, with a concert and seasonal readings called: Comfort and Joy. All funds raised go to Feed Nova Scotia, Diane Swinemar is the executive director. (runs 7:55)

A Place To Call Home 9

Posted by Glenn Carey

All this week, a number of issues have been raised about the need for clean, safe and affordable housing in the CBRM. Now, the Nova Scotia Minister of Community Services reflects on some of them. (runs 8:08)

A Place To Call Home 8

Posted by Glenn Carey

If there are so many people who need housing and so many abandoned buildings in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, can the two problems be turned into one solution? Reporter Wendy Martin has the story. (runs 12:45)

A Place To Call Home 7

Posted by Glenn Carey

As part of our series "A Place To Call Home" - looking at the growing need for clean, safe and affordable housing in the CBRM, Reporter David Burke looks at the current real estate market. (runs 7:59)

Score One For Fair Play

Posted by Glenn Carey

An update from Cheticamp mom Sheila LeBlanc about reaction to her campaign to get parents to improve their behavior, and to treat their kids better at the rink. (runs 9:50)

A Place To Call Home 6

Posted by Glenn Carey

Reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith introduces us to a family that paid less for their house than some people pay for their monthly mortgage, in the next instalment of our series, "A Place To Call Home". (runs 6:49)

A Place To Call Home 5

Posted by Glenn Carey

Some people living with mental illness can now live in their own place thanks to an innovative program. Reporter Wendy Martin brings us that story as part of our week long look at the growing need for safe, clean and affordable housing in the CBRM. (runs 8:24)

Lisa Boudreau

Posted by Glenn Carey


Lisa Boudreau is 44 years old, and she's the managing director of Boudreau Fuels in Arichat. She also runs Caper Gas, which has eight gas retailers in Cape Breton.

And, she's just launched a new business venture called Home Grown Rewards. Its a loyalty program where people can redeem points at participating local businesses.

Lisa Boudreau's business ventures are fueled by her passion for this place and a belief in home grown purchasing power.

Lisa Boudreau (runs 17:10)

NSP Raising Rates

Posted by Glenn Carey

Emera - the parent company of Nova Scotia Power - recently announced record breaking profits for its third quarter. So why are power rates going up in January 2011? Consumer Advocate John Merrick helps us figure it out. (runs 7:20)

Highland Manor Update

Posted by Glenn Carey

The Highland Manor Nursing Home in Neil's Harbour is meeting fire regulations but it's still waiting for an expansion. Esther Blakeney is the administrator of the home, and she provides an update. (runs 6:44)

A Place To Call Home 4

Posted by Glenn Carey

In this installment of our series, "A Place To Call Home", Reporter Hal Higgins peers inside the issue of derelict buildings that dot the landscape of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, and finds out what can be done about the problem. (runs 10:51)

The Bill Lynch Legacy

Posted by Glenn Carey

Christopher A. Walsh is the author of a new book on the history and the legacy of The Bill Lynch Shows entitled, "Under The Electric Sky", he tells us about the Midway and the man. (runs 12:55)

A Place To Call Home 3

Posted by Glenn Carey

Reporter Joan Weeks presents the next story in our housing series: A Place To Call Home, she looks inside some of the run-down rental units found in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. (runs 13:18)

Student Blood Drive

Posted by Glenn Carey

When you're a student, you're used to rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work. The Marconi Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College wants students to roll up their sleeves for a different reason. An instructor and a student tell us why. (runs 7:34)

Jenn Power

Posted by Glenn Carey

JennDSCF7565tng.jpgSome people say their work is their life but for Jenn Power, her life is her work.

She's the Executive Director, or Community Leader, of L'Arche Cape Breton. It's part of an international federation of communities where men and women with developmental disabilities, and those who choose to share life with them, live and work together.

Jenn is a familiar voice as our PartyLine correspondent for L'Arche. She is 38 years old and she comes to Cape Breton from Calvert, Newfoundland.

Jenn Power (runs 17:59)

Decorate The Halls With...

Posted by Glenn Carey

If you're looking for some timely tips on how to decorate your home for the holiday, there's a fun workshop and fundraiser for Bereaved Families of Cape Breton this week in Sydney. Decorator Wynn MacNeil explains. (runs 6:27)

A Place To Call Home 2

Posted by Glenn Carey

If you haven't had to look for a new home or new place to live in Cape Breton, consider yourself lucky. In Part 2, with the growing need for safe, clean and affordable housing, Reporter Peggy MacDonald looks at options for those on low income. (runs 9:32)

A Place To Call Home 1

Posted by Glenn Carey

Finding a decent place to live in Cape Breton can be a challenge. All this week on CBC Cape Breton, hear about those challenges and what's being done to solve them. In Part 1, an overview of the issue of housing. (runs 11:26)

Ghost Cat Chat

Posted by Glenn Carey

Now, a children's story with a lesson for everyone by Cape Breton teacher and author Mike Isaac, he talks about his book, "How the Cougar Came to be Called the Ghost Cat." (runs 7:42)

Out Of Africa

Posted by Glenn Carey

Meet Jacob Deng, a former "lost boy" from Sudan, who came to Nova Scotia to study, but has been the one teaching students and sharing his story about the tragedy of his homeland. (runs 11:10)

For additional information on Jacob's story and cause, check out his website: The Wings of Hope

A Powerful Deal

Posted by Glenn Carey

NSPI CEO and President, Rob Bennett, shares his views on the plan to bring hydro electricity from Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia, the new deal is generating a lot of interest. (runs 9:57)

Dwayne MacEachern

Posted by Glenn Carey


When Dwayne MacEachern was a teenager, he followed the path of many Cape Bretoners. He headed 'down the road' just as soon as he could.

But he quickly discovered the grass is not always greener on the other side. And, it wasn't long before he was back home in Judique.

Dwayne is 32 years old, and since he came home, he has thrown his hat in the ring for the Federal Green Party. And discovered a passion for community economic development.

Dwayne MacEachern (runs 15:00)

Bon Voyage Caribou

Posted by Glenn Carey

Marine Atlantic is preparing to retire the MV Caribou. Hear more about why, and about the ships that will soon be added to their fleet from Marine Altantic spokesperson Tara Laing. (runs 5:27)

Engineering Health Care

Posted by Glenn Carey

Meet Kendall Murphy, the industrial engineer, who's helping the Cape Breton District Health Authority treat the health care system efficiently, saving time and money. (runs 8:13)

War Compensation Issue

Posted by Glenn Carey

We follow up on the story of Mel Birmingham, a retired police officer from Groves Point, who served the U.N. and was injured in Kosovo. Michel Bonnardeaux, a UN spokesperson, gives us the United Nations perspective on the issue of compensation. (runs 8:07)

Building On Success

Posted by Glenn Carey

The old Federal Gypsum wallboard site in Point Tupper will rise again, thanks to a company in New Brunswick. Marcel Girouard, president of Acadia Drywall, tells us about his future plans for the plant. (runs 7:39)

Digging Nova Scotia

Posted by Glenn Carey

We go UNDER ground to discover some of the neatest archaeological research going on across the province as described in a new book - Underground Nova Scotia: Stories of Archaeology, we speak with co-author Jonathan Fowler. (runs 11:53)

Fighting To Be Recognized

Posted by Glenn Carey

Mel Birmingham is a retired CBRM police officer, he served abroad with the UN and is upset the federal government won't compensate him or any other civilian police officer who is injured overseas during conflicts. (runs 6:10)

Mark Sparrow

Posted by Glenn Carey

MarkDSCF7124tng.jpgYou may remember hearing quite a bit from Mark Sparrow back in September when we launched Cape Breton Leadership:The Next Generation, he was a member of our panel discussing the island's future, the event was called - Cape Breton 2030.

Mark is 29 years old and he works with the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council.

He's also president of the Cape Breton chapter of Junior Chamber International, an organization for young professionals. 

Mark Sparrow  (runs 14:39)

Striking A Blow For Science

Posted by Glenn Carey

Meet Robert Barrett of Sydney, a young student with a curious mind and a passion for kick-boxing, and hear why he has been invited to an international science fair in Australia. (runs 8:52)

Back From The Big Apple

Posted by Glenn Carey

Find out how Scott Thomas, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's Diversity Officer, did giving an address at the United Nations in New York, he presented on finding a solution for the "lost children" in Uganda. (runs 10:41)

Paper Chase

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The NDP government of Nova Scotia has introduced legislation to broaden the Auditor General's access to government documents. We ask the Auditor General, Jacques LaPointe, what difference it will make.  (runs 8:19)

Jaime Battiste

Posted by Stan Kennedy

JaimeDSCF7132TNG2.jpgJaime Battiste is senior advisor to the Eskasoni Band Council.

At thirty years old, he is pretty young to be called a senior advisor. But that's just what he does for Eskasoni First Nation and he was hand picked for the position. 

After completing his law degree at Dalhousie University, he began teaching at Cape Breton University.

But it wasn't long before he was drawn back home to Eskasoni.

Jaime Battiste  (runs 17:05)

Hwy. 125 Twinning Update

Posted by Glenn Carey

Reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith has an update on that stretch of Hwy. 125 between Frenchvale and Sydney River, she spoke to Lloyd Hall, project engineer with the NS Department of Transportation, about why it's taken so long and when it will open for traffic? (runs 6:10)

Addressing The UN

Posted by Glenn Carey

Scott Thomas, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's Diversity Officer, will have the whole world in his hands when he makes a presentation to the United Nations on inclusiveness. (runs 11:23)

Easing Their Pain

Posted by Glenn Carey

Meet a woman from North Sydney, Christine Moore, who lives with chronic pain, and we ask Lynette Sawchuck, Chronic Pain Clinic Co-ordinator for the CB District Health Authority, about what support is available for people living with pain. (runs 7:57)

For information on Chronic Pain Services offered locally, visit their website:  CBDHA

Holy Angels Exchange

Posted by Glenn Carey

Students from Holy Angels High School in Sydney travelled to the Nova Scotia Legislature to demonstrate their support for the endangered school. Inside the house, the former Education Minister and the current one talked about its future.  (runs 7:43)

Feel My Pain

Posted by Glenn Carey

Meet a Nova Scotia man who volunteers from coast to coast to help people with chronic pain. Terry Bremner will be in Sydney Wednesday evening and we ask him what he'll be doing. (runs 7:47)

Theatre Of War

Posted by Glenn Carey

A production of "Vimy" will premiere at the Boardmore Theatre on Remembrance Day. Scott Sharplin is the director of the Cape Breton University production, and two of the actors are Allison Haley and Ron Newcombe. (runs 10:51)

For information on performance dates and times, visit:  CBU Boardmore Playhouse

Social Justice At Sydney Academy

Posted by Glenn Carey

In honour of Cape Breton University's new chair named for Viola Desmond, a special Town Hall meeting was held with Sydney Academy students to talk about the issue of Social Justice. Panelists ponder the question of what improvements can be done to better educate the community about discrimination. (runs 8:03)

Sister To Courage

Posted by Glenn Carey

Find out what happened 64 years ago at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow, through the eyes of Viola Desmond's sister, Wanda Robson of North Sydney, she talks about her new book, "Sister To Courage". (runs 16:57)

Jamie Crane

Posted by Glenn Carey

JamieDSCF7121tng1.jpgJamie Crane has put in quite a few miles on the campaign trail already, even though she's still only 32 years old.

She started volunteering with the NDP as a teenager and has worked both federally and provincially. She even ran in the provincial election in 2006 in Cape Breton South.

Now, after years of working and waiting, her party is on the government side of the house.

And she's working as the provincial NDP Caucus Outreach Officer for Cape Breton and the eastern Nova Scotia.

Jamie Crane (runs 16:20)

Copy That

Posted by Glenn Carey

The government is wrestling with how to update Copyright Laws in Canada. But in trying to grab hold of the issue, a new Bill may end up hurting writers. Douglas Arthur Brown shares his critique of Bill C-32. (runs 6:53)

Pull Up A Chair

Posted by Glenn Carey

She made history when she took a seat. Now, she has a chair. Cape Breton University launches the Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice to honour the Nova Scotia woman. The first holder of the chair, Dr. Graham Reynolds, joins us to talk about what he hopes to accomplish. (runs 7:07)

Holy Angels Hype

Posted by Glenn Carey

Students who have passed through its halls say it gave them a leg up in life and was a unique experience. But whether the Holy Angels High School experience will be around for others to enjoy in the future is the question on minds of many in Sydney. (runs 8:25)

Gloria Hill

Posted by Glenn Carey

GloriaDSCF7141tng.jpgGloria Hill isn't really one to make waves, but she's got the airwaves covered.

She is Information Morning's volunteer Partyline correspondent for Janvrins Island in Richmond County.

She's also the general manager of Telile Community Television in Arichat. Gloria is 44 years old.

She sees her role as reflecting her community back to itself, a community where she's often at the helm of volunteer efforts. 

Gloria Hill  (runs 16:15)

Angus The Wheeler's

Posted by Glenn Carey

Community Historian Jim St. Clair and Steve Sutherland travel to the real place that inspired the magical story called "T.R's Adventure at Angus the Wheeler's" written by Frank MacDonald and illustrated by Virginia McCoy. (runs 11:05)

A For Attendance

Posted by Glenn Carey

Implementing the recommendations from a report by the Working Committee on Absenteeism, Nova Scotia Education Minister Marilyn More discusses her plan to keep kids from skipping school. (runs 7:36)

A Wave of Anticipation

Posted by Glenn Carey

Junior high students in Glace Bay will experience their second first day of school this year, as the new Oceanview Education Centre opens its doors. Reporter Yvonne Leblanc-Smith was there and spoke to Principal Paul McNeil. (runs 6:03)

No Place Like Shalom

Posted by Glenn Carey

We learn about a new residence in Port Hawkesbury called Shalom House for people with disabilities. Tom Gunn is chair of the Board of the ROC Society that runs it, and Theresa Aucoin of Cheticamp is the parent of a resident. (runs 8:18)

Dr. Chris Milburn

Posted by Glenn Carey

ChrisDSCF7127tng.jpgDr. Chris Milburn believes a healthy dose of competition does a body good. When he's not on shift at the ER at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney, he's training for his next triathlon.

The 40 year old physician is a strong supporter of active living, and a strong believer in speaking up. He's run provincially and federally for the Green Party.

And he's taken some public stands that have proven unpopular.

Dr. Chris Milburn  (runs 16:23)

Youth Group Award

Posted by Glenn Carey

The innovative Youth Peer Program in Sydney wins another national award for operating efficiently. Find out what other organizations can learn from the way it works, as we re-visit the program, where youth tutor and mentor youth for free. (runs 14:31)

CBC Cape Breton Birthday

Posted by Glenn Carey

On November 1st, 1948, the airwaves of our Island crackled with the sounds of a new radio station with the call letters CBI -- for Cape Breton Island. (runs 6:04)