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Cape Breton Leadership: The Next Generation

September 16, 2010


WHAT IS IT:  Cape Breton Leadership: The Next Generation is a series of feature interviews with the up-and-coming leaders who we think will help shape the future of Cape Breton in the next twenty years.

HOW WE DID IT: The Information Morning team consulted community leaders all over Cape Breton to come up with our roster of interviewees. Our goal was to have a representative list that covers all four counties and includes people from a wide range of sectors. By necessity, the list is not exhaustive. We spoke with many young leaders who could easily have been on this list, but we chose to make the series short and representative, rather than long and comprehensive. The goal is to spark interest and discussion about the kind of people that are shepherding Cape Breton into the future.


         · A demonstrated capacity for VISION.


         · A demonstrated ability or strong potential to LEAD OTHERS.

         · An ability to INSPIRE and LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

         · A willingness to STAND UP and STAND OUT.

         · A dedication to EXCELLENCE.

         · Under AGE 45.

That's the Information Morning "Cape Breton Leadership: The Next Generation" Series, between 7:30 and 8:00, twice a week - Monday and Thursday on CBC Cape Breton.

Guests include: (click name for interview)



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