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Kids' CBC is dedicated to creating fun and inspiring programming that will enrich the lives of Canadian children. Our content promotes healthy child development, while delighting kids and their parents.

We strive to have a positive influence on our viewers. To feed their imagination and curiosity about the world.

Kids’ CBC will provide a fresh outlook on familiar topics, such as friendship and families, while also stoking enthusiasm about new ideas.

We wish to showcase the humour found in any situation, the fun and sense of whimsy. This is complimented by engagement, kindness and thoughtfulness.

We will be relevant to our viewers, and reflect the diversity of life in Canada.

We seek to reflect our country to Canadians, including its people, traditions, cultures, geography, and history. All in an entertaining and exciting way.

We recognize the demanding and hectic world of parents, and we will provide helpful advice as well as a chance to laugh at themselves, and have a break.

Through entertaining and worthwhile children’s programming, we will form a lasting bond between kids, their parents, and the CBC.

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Lisa Cinelli
Children & Youth Assistant
(416) 205-7155
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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
PO Box 500, Station "A"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5W 1E6
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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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