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Welcome to the Contests and Events page, where you can find out about The Bloodlines contest and learn about CBC Massey events. An episode related to BloodLines is broadcast on Ideas the week of November 27 at 9pm.


Bloodlines Contest: Win $1000!
Do you have a remarkable story in your bloodline?

Share it for a chance to win $1,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Canada Writes is running a contest called BloodLines. It is held in conjunction with The Massey Lectures and the Governor General's Literary Awards. This year's Massey lecturer, Lawrence Hill, is our judge.

Stories must be true and be between 400 and 500 words. Submissions must also include an image (something to illustrate your story). Please note that the photo is not part of the judging criteria. There is no entry fee, and only one entry per person is permitted.

Some Governor General's Literary Award nominees have already shared their stories, check them out for inspiration.

The deadline for the competition is 12:00pm EDT on December 2, 2013.

Enter below or to find out more visit Canada Writes.

Below is a list of recent CBC Massey Lectures events.

  • Toronto (Live Stream):
    Friday, November 1, 8 pm ET

    Lecture Five: Of Presidential Mistresses, Holocaust Survivors, and Long-Lost Ancestors: Secrets in Our Blood

    Watch the lecture on the Listen & Watch page.  


  • Online Panel Discussion:

    Monday, November 4, 2 pm ET

    Is Race a Fiction? - online video stream panel discussion

    Watch a live panel discussion moderated by Ideas host Paul Kennedy. The event is over but you can still watch it on our Listen & Watch page.  
  • November 11-15

    The Massey Lectures on CBC Radio 1

    From the 11th to the 15th tune into CBC Radio One at 9 pm to hear to hear this year's Massey Lectures. After the lectures air you will be able to buy all five on iTunes.


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