Massey Lectures: November 1985 Archives

The 1985 CBC Massey Lectures, "Prisons We Choose to Live Inside"

1985-massey-lessing.gifDoris Lessing, one of the century's greatest writers, addresses the question of personal freedom and individual responsibility in a world increasingly prone to political rhetoric, mass emotions and inherited structures of unquestionable belief.

Doris Lessing was born to British parents in Persia in 1919 and moved with her family to Southern Rhodesia when she was five years old. She went to England in 1949 and has lived there ever since. She is the author of more than 30 books -- novels, short stories, reportage, poems, and plays -- and is considered among the most important writers of the post-war era.

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside is published by House of Anansi.