The Legends Project

legends-overview.jpgErnie Swanson and his Haida chums, in artist Christian White's longhouse.

The Legends Project is a compilation of traditional oral stories, legends and histories of Canada's Inuit and First Nations, gathered in communities across the country from coast to coast to coast. They are transcribed, lightly dramatized, cast within the communities, and recorded in English and the native language. The goals of the project have evolved into meeting the increasing urgency to help First Nations' communities protect and promote their endangered languages, as well as lend pride to their rich cultural history.

These colourful tales depict a time when animals and humans spoke the same language, when a farting wolverine or a fanciful fish had as much to teach as a legendary hero. From creation stories to life lessons, these ancient legends and myths of our First Nations are part of the foundation of this country.

Producing Team:
• Dave Redel: dave.redel[at]
• Leah Shaw:[at]
• Barbara Worthy: bworthy[at]


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