Moses Znaimer's ideacity, Part 3


ideacity is a three day festival of talk, produced and hosted by Moses Znaimer. The focus this year was optimism and pessimism. Wall Street, money and... meat are the subjects of this episode. You'll hear Roger Martin, Dean of The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and author of Fixing the Game and The Responsibility Virus; David Wolman, contributing editor at Wired and author of The End of Money; and Daisy Van Der Schaft, biomedical researcher and engineer, and advocate of artificial meat. Part 4 will air on Friday, September 28.  For more information about ideacity and future conferences, visit the ideacity website.

Roger Martin talks about the casino or betting culture of business management.  What was supposed to be good idea to spur business, has had drastic consequences for our financial and business sector - as the rewards for CEOs no longer match the performance of their companies.

David Wolman details the changing way we will be using money.  Cash will be replaced in newer and technically advanced ways.  This cash-less economy will help businesses in developing countries, as people use electronic devices to buy and sell, from village markets to major cities.

Daisy Van Der Schaft talks about how the laboratory will help feed a growing world.  Synthetic meat will be grown in futuristic factories.  Artificial beef burgers will be on our menus. This is only beginning of a new food revolution.

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