The Enright Files - The Links Between Science & Music

Listen to The Enright Files - The Links Between Science & Music

Michael Enright, host of The Sunday Edition, in conversation with Isabel Bayrakdarian, Diane Nalini, and  Lauren Segal Isabel Bayrakdarian is an internationally acclaimed soprano.  Before she started her career in opera, Ms. Bayrakdarian earned a degree in Engineering Sciences. Diane Nalini is a jazz singer and composer who has recorded 4 CDs, including one, Kiss Me Like That, devoted to the relationship between music and astronomy. Under her full name, Diane Nalini de Kerchkhove, she is an assistant professor of physics at the University of Guelph. And Lauren Segal is a mezzo-soprano and graduate of the Canadian Opera Company's Ensemble Studio. She recently got her Masters in Science from the physics department at the University of Toronto.

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