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wise-guys-quote.gifCrows can reason, solve problems, and have long memories. They know more about us, and our habits, than we know about them. IDEAS producer Yvonne Gall explores the world of the urban crow and reveals how crows are a lot like us.

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wise-guys-crows-1.jpgHow is it that crows got such a bad rap? Yes, there's the small matter of West Nile and dead crows being the harbinger of death. Then there's also that Hitchcock fellow who took the meaning of a "murder of crows" literally. And why as we age, can't we embrace and celebrate the inevitable lines on our face instead of giving them the derogatory name of "crow's feet".

While many of us may fear or loathe crows and their corvid cousins (ravens, magpies and jays), there are probably many more of us who are fascinated with these highly social animals. It's a fascination that shows up, not only in our backyards, but also in our myths, songs and dreams. Bring up the subject of crows and like dogs and bears, most people have a crow story.

Ideas producer, Yvonne Gall takes us on a close encounter of the corvid kind and examines whether crows are pests in need of eradication or are simply misunderstood.



John Marzluff, Professor of Wildlife Science at University of Washington, aka Cave Man. It's hard to forget a face like this caveman mask and Marzluff has shown that crows are no exception.

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