Week of June 10

Monday, June 10
Every pair of shoes tells the story of a life. Canadian novelist Katherine Govier helps immigrant women tell their stories by having them write about the shoes they were wearing when they arrived in Canada. Paul Kennedy hears more entrancing stories in the second of two programs about The Shoe Project.

Tuesday, June 11
In 1945, at the end of World War II, an Iron Curtain rolled over Eastern Europe. Stalin, his allies and the secret police set out to seize control over a dozen countries and turn them into communist states. IDEAS host Paul Kennedy speaks with journalist and author Anne Applebaum about the harrowing story of how millions became imprisoned and how their daily lives were brutally crushed.

Wednesday, June 12
The idea of the chosen has its roots in ancient Judaism, but it is a belief that continues to shape us today, consciously or unconsciously. In this two-part series IDEAS producer Frank Faulk examines how this Biblical concept is central to Western thought and culture, through the lens of religion, politics, and psychology. Part 2 airs on Wednesday, June 19.

Thursday, June 13
Today the Supreme Court of Canada heard final arguments in a case that could see laws pertaining to prostitution struck down. Many of these laws were born at the turn of the 19th century -  a period of huge transition where prostitution and so-called 'vice' became the focus of social uplift campaigns. A woman who went by the pseudonym 'Madeleine Blair' found herself at the crosshairs of these campaigns and wrote a rare and detailed account of her life as a prostitute and brothel owner in Canada's west. Ideas Producer Nicola Luksic found an old copy of Madeleine's autobiography and brings us her story.

Friday, June 14
Baruch Spinoza was a 17th century lens grinder known for his precision optical work. But it was his philosophy that made this Dutch-Jewish thinker famous, then and now. IDEAS host Paul Kennedy explores how Spinoza's thoughts on God, the universe, ethics and politics helped ignite the flame that became the Enlightenment.

Ideas In The Afternoon - Monday, June 10
Be it resolved: Should the rich be taxed more? That's the resolution at this spring's Munk Debate. Featured are Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and presidential candidate; Arthur Laffer, economic advisor to President Regan; Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist, Nobel Prize winner, and global authority on economic inequality; and George Papandreou, the current President of the Socialist International and the past Prime Minister of Greece.

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