Week of June 3

Monday, June 3
Baseball is a sport rich with lore and colourful personalities. But beyond the athletic feats and reams of statistics each game produces, there's a secret set of unwritten rules that dictates how players and coaches conduct themselves and relate to each other. Michael Enright speaks with Jason Turbow, the co-author of The Baseball Codes, and long-time Toronto Blue Jays radio announcer Jerry Howarth for their insights into the hidden world on and off the field.

Tuesday, June 4
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
is this country's pre-eminent landscape architect. She is often referred to as a national treasure and her love of nature and respect for the environment has guided and inspired her work. Even if you don't recognize her name, you probably have enjoyed one of her green designs.  Her work has been internationally acclaimed, from her green roof on the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, to the atrium of the New York Times building, to the grounds surrounding the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. IDEAS producer Yvonne Gall profiles the 91-year-old icon, whose career spans over six decades and is still going strong.

Wednesday, June 5
Be it resolved: Should the rich be taxed more? That's the resolution at this spring's Munk Debate. Featured are Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and presidential candidate; Arthur Laffer, economic advisor to President Regan; Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist, Nobel Prize winner, and global authority on economic inequality; and George Papandreou, the current President of the Socialist International and the past Prime Minister of Greece.

Thursday, June 6
RISK, Part 2
On the simplest level, we take risks to derive benefits. If the benefit outweighs the risk, we've made a good decision. But decisions are subject to bias, even those of experts. How do we live with uncertainty and make good decisions? Vancouver broadcaster Kathleen Flaherty talks with risk takers, risk managers and risk assessors to find out. 

Friday, June 7
People - not just fishermen - are well aware by now of how the seas have become fished out. But, astonishingly, reports of overfishing go back to the Middle Ages. Historian and mariner W. Jeffrey Bolster takes us on a centuries old tour of a very modern problem.

Ideas in the Afternoon - Monday, June 3
In this special edition, you'll hear the voice of Nelson Mandela as you've never heard him before. The program draws on 50 hours of recorded conversations with Nelson Mandela. IDEAS is the first program anywhere in the world to be given full access to these remarkable recordings. Former South African and freelance filmmaker Robin Benger was granted this access and presents this intimate and candid portrayal of the founding father of the new South Africa.

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