Week of May 27

Monday, May 27
She represents the first woman on earth in Christian and Judaic traditions. In Islam she's known as Hawwa. To many, she's the thoughtless vixen who tempted man away from God. But a closer look shows a daring champion of human ingenuity and equality. Nicola Luksic explores the mystique of the woman so many claim to understand.

Tuesday, May 28
In this special edition, you'll hear the voice of Nelson Mandela as you've never heard him before. The program draws on 50 hours of recorded conversations with Nelson Mandela. IDEAS is the first program anywhere in the world to be given full access to these remarkable recordings. Former South African and freelance filmmaker Robin Benger was granted this access and presents this intimate and candid portrayal of the founding father of the new South Africa.

Wednesday, May 29
Three young women are working, from opposite sides of the world, to make it possible for girls to grow up, educated and safe, in Afghanistan. Two of them live in Kabul.. The other lives in Kelowna, Canada. Journalist and author Sally Armstrong accompanies fifteen-year-old Alaina Podmorrow on her first trip to Afghanistan and introduces her to Noorjahan Akbar and Anita Haidary. This is the story of the amazing encounter of three women.

Thursday, May 30
RISK, Part 1
On the simplest level, we take risks to derive benefits. If the benefit outweighs the risk, we've made a good decision. But decisions are subject to bias, even those of experts. How do we live with uncertainty and make good decisions? Vancouver broadcaster Kathleen Flaherty talks with risk takers, risk managers and risk assessors to find out.  Part 2 airs Thursday, June 6.

Friday, May 31
The foundational stories of the Gwich'in are a window into the lives of a people who tamed the harsh Arctic climate and landscape from Alaska to the Mackenzie delta. They are tales of medicine power and heroic characters. CBC Radio's Legends Project compiles traditional oral stories, legends and histories of Canada's Inuit and First Nations, gathered in communities across the country.To find out more, go to the Legends Project website.

Ideas in the Afternoon - Monday, May 27
When someone loses a breast to cancer, or a leg to gangrene, what do they make of their new body? And then there are the elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery which alters a face. How does it change one's identity? And - there are those who are part of a fringe culture who insert magnets into their fingers. Some body modifications are valorized while others are often vilified. IDEAS contributor Sheetal Lodhia explores how changes to the body change the sense of self.

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