Week of Dec 31

Monday, December 31
As an old year fades and a new year dawns, IDEAS host Paul Kennedy considers what is gained, and what is lost, in the inevitable process of "change," with a little help from selected musical and philosophical friends.

Tuesday, January 1
Whenever January 1 falls on a weekday, IDEAS host Paul Kennedy convenes a New Year's Levee for producers and freelancers. They provide our listeners a 'sneak preview' of projects they are working on for IDEAS over the next few weeks and months.

Wednesday, January 2
In a cluster of quiet mountain villages in Sardinia, Italy, something unusual is happening. A remarkable number of people are living into their hundreds. And in this global hotspot for longevity, there are nearly as many male as female centenarians. Susan Pinker takes us to the Blue Zone of Sardinia as she searches for the answers to - Why?

Thursday, January 3 - Friday, January 4
On the simplest level, we take risks to derive benefits. If the benefit outweighs the risk, we've made a good decision. But decisions are subject to bias, even those of experts. How do we live with uncertainty and make good decisions? Vancouver broadcaster Kathleen Flaherty talks with risk takers, risk managers and risk assessors to find out.

Ideas in the Afternoon - Monday, December 31
The Maya are famous for their calendars, which they created to try to understand the shape of history - the patterns of the past and the future, how things might begin and end. The Mayan "Long Count" calendar began in 3114 BC. It runs out at the end of 2012. What does this mean? A documentary by Philip Coulter.

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