This Week On Ideas

Monday, October 24 - Tuesday, October 25
Since appearing on the international stage in the nineteenth century, Zionism has evoked strong emotions, both positive and negative. Nowhere have its meaning and aims been more hotly debated than amongst Zionists themselves. Frank Faulk speaks with Zionists about the movement's troubled history and the current struggle over its meaning.

Wednesday, October 26
Anti-Semitism has a long and ugly history, which culminated in the Holocaust in the 1940s. But it occurs even in countries where few, if any, Jews live. Renowned historian Robert Wistrich traces its history from ancient times to its shocking resurgence today.

Thursday, October 27 - Friday, October 26
His name is synonymous with the words "Canadian nationalist". Mel Hurtig's voice has been prominent in discussions about the country for almost fifty years. He is a bookseller, a publisher and a catalyst for debate on subjects ranging from child poverty to nuclear arms. IDEAS producer Kathleen Flaherty traces Mel Hurtig's lifelong quest to shape a Canada he passionately believes in.

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