This Week On Ideas

new-revolutionaries-1.jpgMonday, October 3 - Tuesday, October 4
Women have been identified by economists, social scientists, politicians and pundits as key to moving forward on issues like poverty, violence and conflict. Sally Armstrong takes us around the globe, where localized acts of female emancipation are literally improving the prospects for humankind at large.

Wednesday, October 5 - Thursday, October 6
Twelve single mothers. Poor and uneducated. Their mission: to complete a one-year boot camp designed to lift them out of poverty. Their tools: citizenship, literature, and education. IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell charts the progress of these mothers as they attempt to break the generational chains of poverty. Women Moving Forward could well be the most inventive poverty reduction program in the country.

Friday, October 7
The modern secular state promises justice, good order and freedom. But there have always been those who view the state with unease, as a threat to the freedom of the individual. In 1894, the anarchist Emile Henry threw a bomb into the Café Terminus in Paris. It was the first act of modern terrorism. But anarchism as a political philosophy continues to renew itself, always asking the question: why do we need the state? From Paris then to Athens now, Philip Coulter investigates the idea of anarchism. Part 2 airs Friday, October 14.

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