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Monday, April 18
chinese-laundry-kids-a.jpgCHINESE LAUNDRY KIDS
Chinese hand laundries used to be a fixture in every town and city. They were so common place that the occupation of "laundryman" became synonymous with the Chinese. They were socially isolated, and endured a life of drudgery and racial hostility. CBC producer Yvonne Gall explores the legacy of these Chinese pioneers through the stories of the children who grew up in their parents' laundries.

Tuesday, April 19
Eleanor Wachtel, host of Writer's and Company, talks with  American soprano Renee Fleming and Canadian baritone Russell Braun, two of the greatest opera singers in the world today. 

Wednesday, April 20 - Thursday, April 21
It is a story of epic proportions: an enslaved people's liberation from bondage and their transformation into a nation. Considered one of the most important books in the Bible, the influence of Exodus transcends religious boundaries. CBC producer Frank Faulk explores how this powerful story has reverberated through the centuries and shaped the imagination of the West.

Friday, April 22
Victorian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins embraced the ecstatic in nature. Conflicted by a repressed homosexuality, he entered the priesthood and adopted the rigours of Jesuit celibacy. He wrote highly original poetry, and produced some of the greatest poems of faith and doubt in the English language. A portrait by Cindy Bisaillon.

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