This Week On Ideas

Monday, July 26 - Tuesday, July 27
Why do these geese think that you're their mother? How do stickleback fish find a mate? Why does that crow seem smarter than you are? Konrad Lorenz spent a lifetime watching animals, figuring out how they live together, how they communicate, and - most important - how their worlds touch ours. Philip Coulter traveled to Austria to follow the trail of Konrad Lorenz today.

Wednesday, July 28
IT'S A TEEN'S WORLD: WIRED FOR SEX, LIES AND POWERTRIPS, Part 2 teens-world-main-thumb.jpg
Kids today are active players in a sexually charged popular culture, fuelled by media and personal technology. But at what cost? Whether it's posting sexy photos on the internet, raunchy comments and grabbing in the school hallway or spreading explicit gossip that shatters high school lives, harassment is commonplace, even acceptable. Lynn Glazier exposes what it's like for three diverse groups of Toronto teens to navigate a tangled web of sex, lies and power trips in their social relationships.

Thursday, July 29
The ancient philosophy of Stoicism can still direct to lead a good life, even today. Philosopher William B. Irvine offers us a refreshing look at a school of thought that teaches the importance of tranquility.

Friday, July 30
Regina playwright and producer, Kelley Jo Burke was an orderly woman with an orderly life. In 2000, she had a perfect baby. But by 2004, order was out the window, as she tried to cope with her perfect but "special" boy. In this performance-documentary, annotated by comments from specialists and other parents, she talks about meeting and accepting her son's autism.

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