This Week On Ideas:

Monday, July 12
The poet W.B. Yeats turned often in his imagination to the west of Ireland. The wild place shaped him, and in many ways it was his spiritual home. Philip Coulter visits some of the places that most inspired the great poet.

Tuesday, July 13
What is time? How have we imagined it through the ages? Is time travel possible? Toronto essayist and poet Christopher Dewdney, author of The Soul of the World: Unlocking the Secrets of Time, and freelance broadcaster Cindy Bisaillon immerse us in time - how we imagine it, invent it and flex it.

Wednesday, July 14
IT'S A TEEN'S WORLD: WIRED FOR SEX, LIES AND POWERTRIPS, Part 1 teens-world-main-thumb.jpg
Kids today are active players in a sexually charged popular culture, fuelled by media and personal technology. But at what cost? Whether it's posting sexy photos on the internet, raunchy comments and grabbing in the school hallway or spreading explicit gossip that shatters high school lives, harassment is commonplace, even acceptable. Lynn Glazier exposes what it's like for three diverse groups of Toronto teens to navigate a tangled web of sex, lies and power trips in their social relationships. Part 2 airs on Wednesday, July 21.

Thursday, July 15
York University philosopher Stuart Shanker is one of the world's leading thinkers on "kids with disorders." The author of twenty books on philosophy and human development, he incorporates the latest knowledge we have about the brain to improve the lives of struggling children. He talks with IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell.

Friday, July 16
The foundational stories of the Gwich'in are a window into the lives of a people who tamed the harsh Arctic climate and landscape from Alaska to the Mackenzie delta. They are tales of medicine power and heroic characters. A new episode from CBC Radio's ongoing Legends Project, compilations of traditional oral stories, legends and histories of Canada's Inuit and First Nations, gathered in communities across the country. To find out more, visit the CBC Aboriginal: Legends Project website.

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