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April 2012 Archives

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New Releases

This week on Hot Air we'll bring you jazz from some of the hot new releases we've  been enjoying lately. From the October Trio to Elizabeth Shepard to The Mike Allen Quartet  we've got plenty of great music to share.


Check our playlist section for more information on the music we're playing on Hot Air this week.
Here are a few links to some of the artists we're featuring:

Bria Skonberg

James Danderfer

Mike Allen Quartet

Jon McCaslin

October Trio

Peter Appleyard and the Jazz Giants

Black Gardenia

Ralf Buschmeyer

Pat Coleman (for Don Thompson)

Elizabeth Shepherd

Ian McDougall

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Take Flight

bird in flight.jpeg
This week on Hot Air, music that really takes flight. Spring is in the air and the birds are back in B.C. Our fields and forests are filled with their many songs. We'll celebrate with the great sounds of jazz inspired by the sounds of nature and the joyous beauty of flight.

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Ross Taggart

Hardly a week go
es by on Hot Air when we don't play music that includes Ross Taggart. He's one of our most well respected and prolific artists - often cited as a leading mentor by jazz musicians of ever
y stripe.
Ross will drop by the Hot Air studio with a stack of albums from the people he respects and considers to be mentors.

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Music fit for a King!

You may know Sharman King as the trombone-playing owner of the Book Warehouse. He's also enjoyed a long and celebrated career as a musician, playing with everyone from Buddy Rich to Diana Krall
Sharman is celebrating his 65 birthday this year...just like Hot Air! So we've invited him to share a few favourite tunes and tales.