November 2011 Archives

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Phil Dwyer

Phil Dwyer is a multi-talented composer, arranger and musician. He's just released an album of orchestral jazz inspired by the four seasons and called "Changing Seasons". Join Margaret Gallagher this Saturday when Phil Dwyer brings in selections from "Changing Seasons" as well as some of his favourite jazz tracks.

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Jill Barber

Singer Jill Barber is touring BC for the next couple of weeks and we'll catch up with her just before she takes the stage at the Della Herman Theatre in Smithers. It will be a great hour of music and conversation with Jill sharing some of her musical gods and goddesses.

Jill Barber is touring BC this week and you can find out where and when on her website

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Jazz to Vote By

Join Margaret for Hot Air this week when we play music inspired by the great cities - here and around the world. 

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Marcus Mosely

A member of the Juno award winning Sojourners, Marcus has deep roots in gospel, blues and jazz and this Saturday he'll drop by the Hot Air studio with some of his favourite tracks.

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Fran Jare

We're heating things up with North Vancouver pianist Fran Jare. She's put together a great band with a name that says it all - the Brazilian Afro-Cuban Jazz Exploration. They play African rooted music from all corners of Latin America. Join us this Saturday when we throw off the November chill with hot jazz from south of the border.