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Wildlife: February 2013 Archives

Amazon of the Ocean

About seventy percent of the planet's surface is covered by water. Protecting the precious inhabitants of our oceans is becoming a top priority for coastal countries. Brian Keating talks about a new shark and manta ray sanctuary in Indonesia in an area known as the "Amazon of the Ocean."


Read more about the project on the Nature Conservancy website



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Rock doves

Brian Keating talks to Doug Dirks about the origins of our local pigeons and he talks about some of the hundreds of species that are found around the world.

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Age of birds



Brian's photo of a black-browed albatross on the nest.


Brian Keating takes a look at how scientists determine the life expectancy of birds, including a sixty-two year old albatross called Wisdom on the Pacific Island of Midway.




For more on Wisdom, the albatross on Midway click here.


For more on the film Midway by Chris Jordan about the plight of the albatross on the Pacific Island click here.


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