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Leopard seal

seal.jpgJust back from his travels to Antarctica, Brian Keating of Going Wild talks about an encounter with the penguin eating Leopard seal. He also talks about Antarctica's deep diving Weddell seal.


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"......but the highlight: a leopard seal that was hanging around began to hunt
penguins in the immediate vicinity of where we were loading Zodiacs. We
watched the seal's repeated attempts to hunt the arriving penguins, its huge bow wave
giving away the presence of this underwater killing machine, penguins
porpoising in every direction!

And then Aaron, our expedition leader, who was standing right beside a
Zodiac that he was readying to load, was attacked! The 3-meter, 400 Kg
"leopard of the Southern Ocean" appeared to be a torpedo just under the
surface, and with a bow wave giving away his location, the animal beached
himself in the shallow water perhaps just 2 meters from Aaron, rose up and
obviously realized his mistake that this was not an ordinary penguin, then
turned and re-entered the water! But he then followed Aaron, head out of the water and
looking at him with predatory interest, and swam beside him as he walked
the beach!"
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