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Chinstrap penguins

On the final leg of his tour, Brian Keating has been observing several breeds of penguins while visiting the Antarctic.


Click on Read more for an excerpt from Brian Keating's Antarctic journal:

Check out this video of Chinstrap penguins

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I am at 59 degrees south latitude right now, heading in towards Cape Horn
after two weeks of exploring the coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula. It
has been a fantastic journey of discovery, focused of course on penguin

Here' a short illustration of this Antarctic energy from my journal:

"We awoke to clear skies and diamonds glistening off the aqua-blue waters.
We launched the Zodiacs for a beach cruise off an island known for its Chinstrap penguins. As we cruised towards the beach,we saw that the area was full of elephant seals! When we motored in close, one began burping and belching, several others were scratching or otherwise stretching and yawning, and several more were observing us with
The coastline was James Bond country, with towering rock buttresses encrusted in colourful lichens of red, lime-green and yellow, fed by the nutrients from the guano of various birds nesting on the cliffs. A line of a hundred or so Gentoo penguins headed up the steep snow slope behind the narrow beach to the high pass behind. Just around the corner from the beach was the first of many Chinstrap penguins, flapping its wings in
an exaggerated motion of the "ecstasy" call that they are famous for."

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