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Our Team


dougdirks.jpgDoug Dirks is the host of The Homestretch.

Doug recently celebrated his twentieth year at CBC Calgary.

During that time, he has hosted the Homestretch on radio, the local TV news, and shows on CBC News Network. Doug has also worked as a sports commentator, covering everything from the Stanley Cup Finals to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

He is a graduate of McGill University, Mount Royal College, and Humber College. Doug is married to a mental health professional, which comes in handy since he is the father of two teenagers, and continues to struggle with his golf game

Jenny Howe is our traffic reporter. But she hasn't always been a traffic reporter. In fact, she studied science at the University of Alberta and spent seven years working as a lab rat in Fort McMurray, analyzing oilsands and interpreting data. When her colleagues grew tired of her "jazz hands" and constant talking, she knew it was time for a career change. Jenny is the voice of calm in a sea of cranky drivers. She knows all the turn and detours needed to navigate the city's rush-hour roads. Jenny still can't believe she gets paid to talk. And she folds a mean map.
ron.jpgRon Nicolson is our news reader. He was born and raised in Calgary. He got into radio in the late 70's, first as a DJ, then as a reporter in Kamloops. Ron spent a number of years in Toronto and Regina as a reporter, editor and newscaster. Ron has been reporting and news reading for CBC Calgary since Family Day 1998. After nearly a decade of getting up before the sun rises to read the news for the Calgary Eyeopener, Ron decided he wanted his life back. In 2009, he began reading the news in the afternoons. Ron is an avid golfer (and wishes he was better).
tracy.jpgTracy Johnson is the afternoon business reporter for CBC Radio One. She's been with the CBC since 1997, working first for CBC Newsworld before making the leap to Radio. Tracy has a degree in finance from the University of Calgary and spent a few years working in banking and the markets before being lured to journalism by the money and glory.



nerman.jpgDanielle Nerman is "Nerman at Night," our arts and culture reporter on The Homestretch. Danielle is also an award-winning documentary journalist and producer. She has a passion for telling stories about everyday people doing extraordinary things - which sometimes takes her to different parts of the world. Danielle has travelled, studied and worked in China, Mongolia, South-East Asia, Central America, Europe and the Middle East. She spent all of 2011 in Beijing, where she trained and mentored Chinese journalists. She also ate rabbit heads and willing got stung by live bees to cure a sinus infection. Danielle speaks survival Mandarin and pretty good Spanish after a couple shots of tequila.



jennnew.jpgJenn Blair didn't know there were radio stations other than CBC until she was 13. After studying English literature at the University of British Columbia, she wrote computer manuals, travelled around Europe on a bike and did a Masters degree in Political Science at the University of Minnesota. She re-discovered radio at a community station in Minneapolis in 2001. They had too many music DJs and not enough news reporters, so Jenn grabbed a mic and tape recorder and hasn't looked back. She joined the CBC Calgary team in 2007 and is privileged to work sharing the stories of people in Calgary and around the world.


carolyn-sacramento250.jpgCarolyn Smith is a graduate of the University of Calgary. She has worked for both the English and French services of the CBC. After 17 years with the Calgary Eyeopener, she moved to The Homestretch in 2001. She has extensive experience in both the technical and journalistic side of programming. A longtime Calgarian, Carolyn loves the Homestretch for its extensive view of our changing and dynamic city. She has a strong interest in history, especially the history of Alberta. 


Thumbnail image for HeatherMoriarty.jpgHeather Moriarty is the producer of the Homestretch. She's been listening to CBC since she was a little girl, growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan. She went to the University of Regina to study journalism and started her career at CBC Radio as an intern. She didn't actually get the CBC internship at first. One of her classmates was supposed to come here. But Heather was told he went to Poland the summer before the internship and fell in love - so he decided not to come back to Canada. Heather hopes he's as happy with the outcome as she is.