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The Homestretch
with Doug Dirks
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Dr. Brian Goldman on birth options

For low risk births, are obstetricians safer than family doctors? House doctor Brian Goldman has the results of a new study.


Brian Keating in Africa

Homestrech naturalist Brian Keating joins us via satellite phone from the Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya.


Brunch at the Nash

Brunch blogger Jen Li tells about her visit to the Nash in Inglewood.


Zain Velji's Netflix reviews

Zain Velji reviews some of the new standup comedy specials available on Netflix.


Brian Keating finds caribou antlers

Homestretch naturalist Brian Keating talks about the caribou antler he discovered on a recent hike in the Purcell Mountains.

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Hail insurance

Heather Mack from the Insurance Bureau of Canada talks about hail insurance claims.


Dr. Brian Goldman on aging and exercise

How much does exercise help the aging brain? House doctor Brian Goldman has the surprising results of a recent study.


Brian Keating - August 17, 2015

Caribou antler Purcell Mountains 2015.jpg
Brian looking at caribou antlers on Ellesmere Island.jpgThis week, Brian Keating tells us about the caribou antler he found in the Purcell Mountains!

Tune in to the Homestretch after 5 PM for Brian's weekly wildlife column.


Today's Recipe - Fabio Centini's Gazpacho

The Gazpacho We Make at Centini

One cucumber: peel & deseed, then dice.

Two celery stalks: dice.

Two medium avocado: dice.

One red onion: small, finely diced.

V8 Juice 2 cups

Tomato Juice 2 cups

Lemon Juice from 1 to 2 lemons

Tabasco five dashes

If you like more spice, add finely diced jalapeño. If you like the consistency to be chunky, then dice the ingredients to preferred size, hand mix it all together and finish off with chopped Italian flat leaf parsley.

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Hiking with Brian Keating

Homestretch naturalist Brian Keating goes hiking in the shadow of the Bugaboo Mountains in British Columbia.