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The Homestretch
with Doug Dirks
& Jenny Howe

Lyndon Penner on heat

Gardening guru Lyndon Penner talks about how to protect your garden from overheating.


Home maintenance: June 30

Our home maintenance expert for the summer Kathy Hamilton talks about the must-have tools for any toolbox.


Rare vasculitis

Dr. Susanne Benseler, a pediatric rheumatologist at Alberta's Children's Hospital, talks about diagnosing a case of a very rare type of vasculitis.


Bread documentary

Mariette Sluyter and Charlotte Yellowhorn McLeod join us to talks about an interactive documentary project about different cultural breads.


July stargazing

Astronomer Alan Dyer joins to to talk about what to look out for in the night sky this month.


Hole in the wall: June 29

Our Hole in the Wall expert Rita Sirignano tells us about her visit to Marina Dosa and Tandoori Grill.


Dr. Brian Goldman on narcotics

Health columnist Dr. Brian Goldman talks about some ways experts were hoping to curb addiction by making narcotics harder to crush, smoke and snort.


Brian Keating on nighthawks

Naturalist Brian Keating talks about seeing nighthawks during his recent trip down the South Saskatchewan River. Nesting nighthawk SOuth Sask 2015.JPG


Domaine Lefief Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2009

This month Laurie MacKay tastes Domaine Lefief Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2009. 
Domaine Lefief Bourgueil.jpg

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Summer BBQ: June 26

Chef JP Gerritsen cooks up some bison burgers on ATCO's roof-top BBQ patio.