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Hallway Interview with Pascal Dufour

photo.jpgMusician Pascal Dufour of Les Respectables is out with a new solo album "Ici, Le Temps Nous Appartient". Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck talked to him in a Hallway Interview.

It's Justin Bieber fever today in Montreal as the teen pop star is playing tonight at the Bell Centre. What do you think of him?

I had never heard of him until this morning. I don't watch much TV. I'm not really that influenced by advertising. I listen to Radio Canada and they are not talking that much about Justin Bieber. I listened for about 10 seconds. It's not my style. 

Justin Bieber fans are mostly young people. What did you listen to when you were a kid?

Michael Jackson, Jackson Five, Bee Gees, Kiss, Nazareth, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin.  I used to play violin for seven years and I think it was melodically similar to the music like the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson. Motown music had a lot of violin in the background.

What was the first album you remember having?

It was Le Freak by Chic, or Funkytown. [by the disco band Lipps Inc] On a 45!

What's it like writing in both French and English?

You need more words in French to say the same thing as in English. In French, because you need more words, the music is a bit less rhythmic. It' more like a waltz. We were trying to write a song the other day and sometimes we want to say an idea and we need two lines in French and one in English. It brings different stuff in each language. You just have to work with it.

The Alouettes are heading to the Grey Cup. Do you follow football?

No but I know a couple of people who went to the game yesterday. They had a good time, especially because they won!

Do you follow any sports?

Yeah, hockey. I was at the Bell Centre a few years ago and they were playing my music during the game. That was neat!

What do you think about the Habs this year?

I think they have a good goaltender [Carey Price]. That's important. But I think they are in trouble with Gomez [who is going through a scoring slump] and it's bad with Markov too [who has a knee injury]. Suban will help. They need a left winger.

Listen to his conversation with Sue.

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