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Behind the scenes with Bad News Brown

badnewsbrown.jpgHomerun Web Journalist Tanya Birkbeck sat down with Bad News Brown to find out more about the good and bad things in his life.

So if you are bad news, who's good news?

I'm good news too. Cuz bad is good. You know, like those are some bad boots...

So what's bad in your life these days?

Nothing's really bad...

No, no. I mean what's bad, as in what's good?

I'm heading to France on November 23 to record with Marxs; it's a collective of five producers... then to New York to work with Daniel Merriweather.

Aside from music, what else is good in your life?

My son. He's two and a half.

What's he going to be for Halloween?

Last year he was a pumpkin. Maybe a pirate? I was trying to get him to go as Bad News Brown but Mom wouldn't have it. So we're having a meeting tonight.

Where to do you live?

St. Henri

What's the best kept secret in St. Henri?

Café Joe, a diner on the corner of Atwater and St. Jacques. Everything is home cooked.

What's your favourite venue or club in Montreal?

It's hard to chose, I go to so many. Tonic, Bains Douches, Kingdom (It's strip club on the corner of St. Laurent and Ste. Catherines, where he shot a movie.)

Best hotel in the world?

Hilton in Barbados, right on the beach. I stayed there for two weeks. I didn't know what to do when I had to leave. I was depressed.

Your favourite place to shop in Montreal?

City Styles

If you could have dinner with any Quebec celebrity, who would it be?

Zachary Richard

What do you want for Christmas?

Just a fun time with the family.

What keeps you grounded?

My dad. If I do anything wrong, he'll still call me and let me know. And now, definitely my son. They are the two men in my life.