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Montreal actress Rachelle Lefevre in new TV series "Off the Map"

RachelleLeFevre.jpgMontreal actress Rachelle Lefevre is in a new television series on ABC that debuts tonight.

Off the Map is a drama about a group of doctors working in South America.

Lefevre played the role of  Victora in the Twilight Saga, and she also played Clara (Chambers) Charnovsky in the recently-released film adaptation of Mordecai Richler's Barney's Version.

Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck spoke to her in Los Angeles.

You are shooting Off the Map in Hawaii. Have you discovered any favourite new spots?

The Diamond Head Cove Health Bar. It's a tiny space with just a few seats. They have acai bowls and they do great omelettes. It's just a few blocks from where I am staying and I'm there all the time. I live there.

What do you miss about Montreal?

I miss so much. Just being able to walk around. It's a big city, but it's still safe. I love those days when you just go out your front door, and walk all day. I would head downtown, or to Green Avenue in Westmount. Some days I'll walk all they way from Atwater to St. Denis, and just stop somewhere and have a beer with a friend or something to eat.

I've heard it's different in L.A., where it's much more of a car culture?

So different! In L.A. you can't walk more than three blocks without people thinking you are crazy or feeling like you crazy.

The film Barney's Version recently came out. You studied literature at McGill. Had you already read the book?

No. But I did grow up with Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang. [A children's story by Mordecai Richler] When I did read Barney's Version I loved it. If I hadn't read the script first, I would have read the book and said there is no way it can be adapted into a movie, so good for Montrealer Michael Konyves for being able to do that. [Michael Konyves did the screenplay for Barney's Version]

What's your favourite part of the story?

There is a scene in the movie, near the end, when Barney and Miriam have lunch together at the Ritz. As they are leaving, she meets him in front of the ballroom where they had met many years before. He's quite far along [the character Barney develops Alzheimer's Disease in the story] and he says to Miriam, "Let's go home," and she goes along with it. After everything, she was still with him. It was as if the indiscretion had never happened. It was like a glimpse of what could have been if he hadn't been so self-destructive.


Listen to Sue's conversation with Rachelle.

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