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Arts: October 2010 Archives

Hallway interview with Phil Le Maistre

sarahharmer 001.jpgHomerun Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck talked to the Montreal Rocky Horror Picture Show director outside of the studio.

What do you do when you are not directing the RHPS?

Work at the Northface boutique, and in the summer, coach at a mountain bike camp for kids in the Eastern Townships called Dirtcamp, and work as a voice actor.

Favourite role as a voice actor?

Reggie on Pig City

Where did you grow up?


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The wall tour-Children of the light choir

 Tuesday night kids from the Children of Light choir had a pretty cool gig at the Bell Centre
 Ryan Vottero and Theydra Gray were up on that stage.
 Listen to their conversation with Sue.
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Ken Dyden interview

Ken is a Liberal member of Parliament and a best-selling author and, oh yeah, a goal tender and Hockey Hall of Famer.Ken Dryden has just published a new book, called Becoming Canada  Listen to his conversation with Sue. 

Part I
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Part II
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