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Youth Leader panel

youtheleaderpanel.JPGYoung people are setting the agenda in this campaign.
On Homerun we have assembled a panel of youth representatives from the different parties.
They'll join us every week during the campaign.
Maripier Isabelle is a former president and active member of the Liberal youth commission.
Ariane Lefebvre is President of the Parti Quebecois's youth wing in Montreal.       
Alexandre Leduc is a candidate for Quebec Solidaire in Hochelaga-Maissoneuve and also a founding member of the party.
Our regular panelist Tomer Shavit from the Coalition Avenir Quebec couldn't be with us today. He's recovering from an injury.
We requested a youth leader from the CAQ and the youngest replacement the party could find is Johnny Kairouz.
Kairouz is a 31 year-old candidate for Westmount-Saint Louis.

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