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Biggest Problem in Transit? #CBCa2b

What is the biggest transportation problem in Montreal for you?


tp-champlain-0602.jpgIt's been difficult year to get from Point A to Point B in Montreal...

Streets in the city have suddenly changed direction.. others are under construction.... There have been lane closures on the bridges and in tunnels..... and of course the bike paths and sidewalks.

No-one knows how much these matter as well as you do. So now it's your turn.


Homerun wants to hear what YOU think is the biggest transportation problem in Montreal when it comes to getting from point A to point B.


Tell us what matters to you about the city streets and major arteries and what you want done about them.

Is it tolls on bridges? Pedestrian streets? Bad drivers? Poor bike lanes?

What is Montreal's biggest transit problem for you?

We'll keep our ears open for the issues that keep coming up and then YOU will vote for the TOP transit problem.

Once the vote is in - we'll look into it. You'll tell us who to interview and what questions to ask.

In other words, the story we tell is up to you.

Check back here daily to participate.

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments section below - I'll do my best to answer.

Lindsay Michael

Web Columnist, CBC Montreal



How to Participate:


Step 1:

We want to capture a moment of time in traffic - 5:15 pm on Thursday, February 23.

Tell us where you are, what your situation is and what you think needs to changed in Montreal.

(Legally and safely of course! If you're driving wait until you're at your destination)


You can let us know by:


Tweeting @cbchomerun ( Hashtag: #CBCa2b )

Facebook: Homerun Show

Texting: (22222)


Leave a message at (514) 597-7222

We'll accept text, photos, videos and sound


Step 2:

You decide how we tell the story: who we interview, what questions we ask.

Check back here daily to participate.