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July 2011 Archives

Rodger Brulotte

Some Montreal business people are hoping to bring major league baseball back to the city.
Former Expos broadcaster, Rodger Brulotte, says the group has approached him with their plan.
Listen to his conversation with Jeanette.

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Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is performing at Just for Laughs tonight.
Homerun's Arts reporter, Ange-Aime Woods, spoke with him today.

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NDP MP Charmaine Borg

The NDP`s federal council has rubber-stamped Jack Layton`s wish to have Nycole Turmel stand in as interim leader of the Official Opposition.
Turmel was confirmed in Ottawa this morning.
She admits she has big shoes to fill and does not have the charisma of Layton, but claims she`s ready to do the job.
Charmaine Borg is the NDP MP for Terrebonne-Blainville, north of Montreal.
Jeanette spoke to her earlier today.

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Facebook Page protesting Guy Turcotte verdict

Two Montreal teens have put up a Facebook page protesting the verdict in the Guy Turcotte trial.
They're questioning the validity of trials by jury.
More than 23 thousand people have "liked" the page.
This calls into question the role of public outcry in our justice system.
Jeanette spoke with Conrad Lord, a Montreal criminal lawyer, this afternoon 

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Sexual Assaults at Longueuil Metro

Longueuil Police are warning the public about a man who has been sexually assaulting women in a parking lot outside the Longueuil Metro.
Three young women have been assulted since May.
The latest attack happened last Thursday.
The suspect is using a taser gun to stun his victims.
George Manoli is a personal safety expert.
Jeanete spoke with him this afternoon on Homerun:

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Today the World Bank is promising over 500 million dollars for famine victims in the Horn of Africa.
Thousands of these victims are pouring into the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.
That's where Christopher Tidey is right now. 
He's a Canadian working for UNICEF.

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Jack Layton

Jack Layton is stepping down as leader of the Official Opposition for the time being.
The NDP leader has another bout of cancer to deal with it
Bernard St Laurent is host of Radio Noon and a longtime political analyst
Listen to his conversation with Jeanette.

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Space Robots - Hallway interview with Andrew Fazekas


Montreal science writer Andrew Fazekas joined us for a hallway interview about the new project launched by the Canadian Space Agency: a robotic refueling mission module called "Dexter."

Andrew Fazekas' Web Site:

Criminal Lawyer Conrad Lord on the Turcotte Trial Verdict

Hallway Interview

Criminal lawyer Conrad Lord stopped by our studio today to talk about the Guy Turcotte trial.

He says he was surprised by the verdict. 



The verdict came Tuesday as the jury began its sixth day of deliberations in St.-Jérôme, Quebec.


For more details:

Hallway interview with Deborah Arbec


Today is Deborah Arbec's first day on air with CBC TV News.

After 13 years with CTV news, she'll join Andrew Chang and weather specialist Frank Cavallaro as the co-host on CBC News 5, 5:30 and 6.

We met up with her for a hallway interview, where she told us a little more about herself.