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Twitter Turns 5!

Twitter turns 5 today. The network has nearly 200 million followers. Including Montrealers Adriana Palanca and Tara Hunt. Adriana is a social media consultant as well as a copywriter and translator. Tara is an avid tweeter and author of the book "The Power of Social Networking."

They've both been live tweeting and blogging for us this afternoon.


Tara Hunt is @missrogue her blog is here

Adriana Palanca is  @apalanca and her blog is here.


Here are some excerpts from Adriana's blog entries from studio:  

The live blogging and tweeting experience

I'm not one to use the word *exciting* very often, but it's the best way to describe my whole experience at CBC Homerun.

The constant ebb and flow of journalists and producers, the on-the-fly decisions about what's coming next, getting text messages to the host, the green and red equipment lights... my senses have been on overload all afternoon, but it's been an intensely satisfied experience to watch media - social and otherwise - in action. Twitter and Facebook have definitely become an integral part of the news-making process.


Great Twitter follows for Montrealers

Am having a blast at CBC Homerun this afternoon. Here are the Montreal links I mentioned on air a few moments ago. If you love Montreal culture, nightlife and design, then click away!

Midnight Poutine

Spacing Montreal

Montreal Mirror


Coming to you from CBC Homerun

What was supposed to be a quiet Monday has turned into a whirlwind of activity.

I'll be the Internet reporter all afternoon long on CBC Homerun with Sue Smith and we'll be talking about Twitter's 5th anniversary.

Follow the fun today on my Twitter profile and on the CBC Homerun Twitter profile too.