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Anwar Stewart to visit Montreal schools during off-season

Anwar-Stewart4032.jpgPlayers from the Montreal Alouettes visited Lester B. Pearson High School today as a part of their "Adopt an Alouette" program.

Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck spoke to Anwar Stewart.

You were the Master of Ceremonies at today's visit. Why do you think they chose you?

I think I chose myself. I'm the player coordinator for "Adopt and Alouette." We want it to be like a big pep rally.

Other than football, what sports did you play when you were a kid?  

Basketball and baseball.


What would have done if you were not a football player?

I would probably be in the military. Or, I studied psychology and social work. I would be working with abused kids, getting them back into society and productive again. I want to let them know there are people who love them.

What have you been doing since the Grey Cup victory?  

My girlfriend and I took a seven-day trip to Mexico. Then we spent Christmas here with her family. We went to Florida for ten days, and teammate Brian Bratton got married, so we flew to South Carolina for that. Now we're back in Montreal to spend time with the kids. [Through the "Adopt an Alouette" players visit about 120 schools between January and May.]


Listen to Sue's conversation with Anwar Stewart.

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