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Hallway interview with The Pickle of Love

pick1.jpgMontreal singer/composer Shayne Gryn aka The Pickle of Love joined Sue Smith on Homerun today.  He plays Cabaret Mado tonight at 8 p.m.

Before he left the studio to get ready for tonight's show Web journalist Marc Apollonio asked him a few questions.

Why the Pickle of Love?

There was this Facebook group that was trying to get even more fans for pickles than for the band Nickelback. And apparently [Nickelback singer]Chad Kroeger said, 'sure you've got more fans but we've sold 30-million albums'. So I decided to play music as a pickle to see if I could sell more albums than Nickelback. Then the pickle took on a life of its own.


Is the Pickle of Love going to be bigger than John Lennon?

I'm trying not to say that the Pickle is going to be bigger than Jesus but that's hard. My friends say the Pickle of Love has a musical feel to it, so Broadway would be logical.

What kind of an experience will people have at your show tonight?

It'll be strange and disparate. The pickle is only part of the show, because we play other music as well. There'll be some glam and some burlesque.

The "Pickle of Love." Is there anything lewd in the show?

I keep it subtle. It's a family comedy like Ghostbusters where kids can laugh at half the jokes and parents can laugh at the other half. 

The Pickle of Love plays Cabaret Mado, 1115 Ste-Catherine East, tongith at 8 pm.