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Hallway interview with Sugar Sammy

sammy.JPGTonight, CBC television airs the Just for Laughs Special: Ethnical Difficulties. It'll be hosted by local funnyman Sammy Khullar, otherwise known as Sugar Sammy. With a DVD out in the new year, Sugar Sammy is shaping out to be our next great export. He was in studio today and before he left Web journalist Marc Apollonio got to ask him a few questions.

Why "Sugar"?

These girls at McGill started calling me that because I was throwing these parties to make money to pay for school. Unfortunately I didn't qualify for grants. So I had these parties and let the girls in free, so they started calling me "Sugar".

You're making it big worldwide. Do you still think of yourself as a Montrealer?

I have Montreal tattooed on my heart. I'm just here for the next five days and I'm already sad at the thought of leaving.

You do stand up in four languages, English, French, Hindi and Punjabi. How much do these shows differ?

You have to tailor your material to them. I can't start talking about the Quebec referendum to people in India - they won't get it. I target the audience wherever I go. When I'm in the US I talk about the Canadian perception of Americans. In America I tell them I'm Canadian. Then I ask them, "what are your stereotypes of Canadians?" and they start shouting out...then I tell them what we think of them...

How do you get yourself mentally prepared leading up to a big show?

I'll go shopping, I'll have some tea, I'll walk around. I can't get drunk. People are paying forty or fifty bucks for a show. Some guy might have worked three or four hours to come see my show. You have to make it worthwhile. You have to make it worth it for him. I never take that for granted. It's not a necessity for anyone to see my show. I have to make it worthwhile.

 Listen to his conversation with Sue.

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