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Grandma Shipley's Stuffing Recipe

american.jpgBill Shipley is originally from Chicago.

He's celebrating American Thanksgiving in Montreal today.

He's hosting a big pot luck dinner tonight along with his Canadian friends Benjamin Flight and Jordi Montblanch.

They'll be serving turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoe casserole and, of course, pumpkin pie.

Listen to their conversation with Sue

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Here's the stuffing recipe e-mailed to him by his dad:

OK, Bill - Here is Grandma's Shipley's stuffing recipe, copied verbatim from Mom's typed note from her: 

Shipley stuffing: 

1 1/4 lb white bread, sliced, then cubed, put in a very large container [Dutch oven or BIG pot or bowl]
Chop together:   1 eating apple                       
1 large onion                       
1 tiny box of raisins (or more)                        
All the giblets, previously cooked [and chopped tiny]
1 lb pork sausage meat (not pork sausages) cooked in frying pan
About 4 eggs, slightly beaten with fork, pour over bread and chopped items, salt, pepper, lastly add fried pork sausage meat and grease while it is still hot.
Now to blend, keep squeezing through your fingers until all is mixed thoroughly. 
This is enough for a big turkey, you can use about half of this for a chicken, although then I often substitute ground beef for pork sausage meet. 
Don't pack too tightly in either cavity of the bird. 
Go for it!   - Dad