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Behind the Scenes with Bobby Hull

bobby-hull.jpgHockey Legend Bobby Hull has a new book out. It's called "The Golden Jet: A Spectacular Career in Stunning Photographs". It's a book of photographs, coauthored by sportswriter Bob Verdi.

He joined us on the show from Chicago. Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck asked him a few questions "behind the scenes".

Today on the show we have some high school glee clubs coming into studio. Do you like to sing?

I am not a great singer. Early in my career before I got hit in the throat, I could carry a tune. My dad could sing. But after I got whacked in the vocal cords, they don't vibrate the same. So I don't sing... except for a little ditty!

Listen to Bobby Hull's conversation with Sue.

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If you could sing, what would you sing?

I like Frank Sinatra singing Cole Porter. That's my style. My wife and I enjoy listening to that.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest is under a lot of pressure right now, with a lot of people asking for a public inquiry over corruption, and he's standing alone saying he won't call an inquiry. From a hockey point of view, what would you tell him to do when you're being attacked from all sides?

I was under attack all my career!! Fight through it. Try to outsmart your opponents. Try to stay above them.

I would hope for him that he has help from family members. He can turn to them for solace at a time like this.

We've been hearing a lot about concussions in sports recently. What do you think when you hear about that?

I'm wondering how many concussions we had when we didn't wear helmets. We just accepted it as "getting out bell rung". We'd just have a couple of extra beers after the game.