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Hallway interview: Charles Foran's guilty pleasures

charlesforan 001.jpgCharles Foran is the author of Mordecai The Life and Times, a biography of Mordecai Richler. He spent a couple of hours with us in studio while he was in Montreal for his book tour. Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck spoke with him in a "hallway interview".

Today we are talking about Montreal Alouette's president Larry Smith stepping down. Do you follow football?

More NFL than CFL. I like the four downs, the smaller field, and the way American football is so clearly a reflection of the martial quality of the society.

What's your favourite sport?

Basketball. I used to be less bad than I am now. I actually played for years in pickup games in St-Henri.

There is a Bon Jovi film playing tonight in theatres. Are you a fan?

Not so much.

What do you listen to?

Four tet, Radiohead, Elbow. I write to nouveau-classical music like Max Richter and Arvo Part.

What's your favourite place to write?

My studio. I've worked there everyday for seven years. I isolate myself from my family and I don't leave until I've got some work done. It's six blocks from where I live, so I walk down there every morning.

What is the least known fact about Mordecai Richler?

He thought he was going to be a visual artist. He did a lot of drawing and doodling and he was quite good. Terry Mosher said yesterday at the Books and Breakfast event that in all the years he knew Mordecai Richler, he never knew that about him.

What is your next book?

A short biography of Maurice Richard for the Penguin Extraordinary Canadians series. I feel kind of lucky, two guys from Montreal, with the initials MR, mid-century. They shared a certain canvas, really.

Today we are talking about poker, with Jonathan Duhamel of Boucherville playing at the poker World Series in Vegas. Some would consider gambling to be a sin. What is your sin?

My sin is watching sports. It gets beyond serving as a relaxation. You get glued to the chair. There's no end. You can always find more sports on TV. It's kind of an addiction.  


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