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Thumbs down for the Double Down?

doubledown3.jpgIt's the new anti-health food, meat lovers delight, over-the-top calorie count "sandwich" from KFC.

The Double Down, a fast food phenomen in the United States, is available in Canada starting today.

The filling is two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of cheese and "Colonel's Sauce".

And the "bun" is two pieces of deep fried chicken.

Bruce Chambers is a freelance copywriter and CBC's ad guy. He speculates the sandwich is aimed at young men in their teens and twenties, and that it's part of a strange new movement of extreme junk food. (Check out This is Why You're Fat to see what we mean.)

Over 10-million of the sandwiches have been sold since it launched in the United States four months ago. Will it be a hit in Canada as well?

Sabrina Marandola, Jesse Connell and Sue Smith sampled the sandwich, and the Double Down earned a triple down -- that is, a triple thumbs down -- from our team.

Jesse is the only one who will finish it, and says it's "way too salty, way too over-priced, obviously a gimmick." And he's the target audience.

But the yuck factor holds an appeal for some.

"Even so," writes one male high school student on our Facebook page, "I'm really tempted to try one."