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October 2010 Archives

Behind the scenes with Bad News Brown

badnewsbrown.jpgHomerun Web Journalist Tanya Birkbeck sat down with Bad News Brown to find out more about the good and bad things in his life.

So if you are bad news, who's good news?

I'm good news too. Cuz bad is good. You know, like those are some bad boots...

So what's bad in your life these days?

Nothing's really bad...

No, no. I mean what's bad, as in what's good?

I'm heading to France on November 23 to record with Marxs; it's a collective of five producers... then to New York to work with Daniel Merriweather.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Director

The classic musical is bigger than ever - it's been covered in "Glee", the Blu-Ray just came out ...and the Montreal edition of the show opens tonight at the Rialto Theatre..
Director Phil Le Maitre hung around with the Homerun team for three hours! Here's one of his on-air chats with Sue.

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Parking will cost more on the Plateau

Borough officials unveiled a new parking plan for 2011.
They will be installing 600 new parking metres. From now on, ALL metres in the borough will be $3 an hour - the same as downtown. And a new pilot project will start: All residential vignettes will be eliminated.
We spoke to a resident and merchant about this. Here's Sue's conversation with Chris Karidogiannis.

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Hallway interview with Phil Le Maistre

sarahharmer 001.jpgHomerun Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck talked to the Montreal Rocky Horror Picture Show director outside of the studio.

What do you do when you are not directing the RHPS?

Work at the Northface boutique, and in the summer, coach at a mountain bike camp for kids in the Eastern Townships called Dirtcamp, and work as a voice actor.

Favourite role as a voice actor?

Reggie on Pig City

Where did you grow up?


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New revelations on the mafia and the construction industry

Calls for a public inquiry into corruption in Quebec's construction industry continue, following fresh allegations the industry is controlled by the mafia.

Emmanuel Marchand is a Producer for Radio-Canada's "Enquete".

He joined Sue in studio.

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The best public transit on the continent?

 The people who run the Montreal transit system are celebrating today.
 The STM has been named one of the BEST transit system in North America by the American Public Transportation Association.
 Michel Labrecque is the chair of the board of directors of the STM.
 Here's his conversation with Sue.

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Behind the scenes with Sarah Harmer


Homerun Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck sat down with singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer outside of the studio to ask her some deep and thought-provoking questions:

You spend a lot of time playing in bars. What is your favourite drink?

Hunter S. Thompson: tequila and grapefruit juice. I'm not sure if my friend just invented it or if it's legitimate. (Editors note: No sign of it in a cursory google search. Any bartending experts care to weigh in?)


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R.I.P. Paul the Octopus

w-paul-octopus-cp-rtr2gcln.jpgPaul has passed away.

Tributes to the psychic octopus are all over the Web, from the FIFA Web site to People magazine.

And on Homerun. We played "Octopus I Love You" in his memory.  

He became a worldwide household name during the World Cup this spring for his flawless record in predicting games.

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Tom Jonas Halloween Decoration

Coffin close-up .jpgTom Jonas' house in at 1750 du Portage, Sainte-Dorothée Laval, is one of the scariest houses in Canada.

Stop by to trick or treat on October 31st between 4 pm and 10pm.

Tom will be collecting donations for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation for the MUHC.

 Listen to his interview with Sue

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Going unplugged.

Imagine no TV. No internet. No Facebook or Twitter. No cell phones.

Some Secondary Five students at Ecole Paul Arseneau in L'Assomption "unplugged" for three days.

Danny Parker is 18 years old, and Justine Milon-Labbé is 16.
Listen to their conversation with Sue.


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Celine's baby love

celineetjulie.jpgCeline Dion has given birth to her twins. 

They were born at 11:11 and 11:12 on Saturday, October 23 at St. Mary's Medical Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The boys weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces and 5 pounds 4 ounces.

 Homerun's Sabrina Marandola spoke to Julie Snyder.


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Smitheman's Halloween House

IMG00107-20101022-1608.JPGThe Smitheman family in Pointe Claire is famous for their Halloween decorations. They just put up the final decorations this year.

The family has been decorating their house 15 years. And for the past six years, they've been raising money for the Starlight Foundation.

People are invited to visit and donate to the cause. The house is located at 116 Maywood in Pointe Claire. Check out the album on our Facebook page.

Rue Frontenac newspaper

 People who read Rue Frontenac online will soon be able to buy a hard copy of the newspaper.  
 Tests for their first-ever print edition are underway.
 Rue Frontenac, of course, was started in January 2009 by locked out employees from Le Journal de Montreal
 Jean-François Codère is a reporter for Rue Frontenac.
 Listen to his conversation with Sue.

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Protegez-Vous toy guide

 The Protegez-Vous Toy Guide is out today.
 It's the edition of the magazine many parents look forward to.
 They rate the best and worst toys of the year.
 Genevieve Grenier is the editor of the toy guide.
 Listen to her conversation with Sue.

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Clara Fleury's Montreal Favs


Singer and dancer Clara Fleury was in our studio today. She grew up in Paris and now lives in Montreal. Here are a few of her favourite things to see and do:

Favourite burger joint: La Paryse

Favourite venue: Sala Rossa

Favourite brunch: Cagibi

Favourite once seedy, now cool bar: Playhouse Cabaret

Favourite street corner: Parc Street between Van Horne and Laurier

Favourite Paris Metro: Barbès-Rochechouart in the 18e arrondissement, because there are so many languages, it feels like it could be somewhere else in the world.

The Homerun Halloween Contest

suescaryhouse.jpegGet your entries in now to our Homerun Halloween Contest!

Send us pictures of Halloween decorations at your place.

You can e-mail us at, or you can post the pictures to our Facebook page.

We'll be picking three winners.

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Esther Enkins

Today we are talking about Colonel Russell Williams
 The media has covered  the case all week..
 Esther Enkin is the CBC's executive editor of news operations.
 Listen to her conversation with Sue.


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The wall tour-Children of the light choir

 Tuesday night kids from the Children of Light choir had a pretty cool gig at the Bell Centre
 Ryan Vottero and Theydra Gray were up on that stage.
 Listen to their conversation with Sue.
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Thumbs down for the Double Down?

doubledown3.jpgIt's the new anti-health food, meat lovers delight, over-the-top calorie count "sandwich" from KFC.

The Double Down, a fast food phenomen in the United States, is available in Canada starting today.

The filling is two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of cheese and "Colonel's Sauce".

And the "bun" is two pieces of deep fried chicken.

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Ken Dyden interview

Ken is a Liberal member of Parliament and a best-selling author and, oh yeah, a goal tender and Hockey Hall of Famer.Ken Dryden has just published a new book, called Becoming Canada  Listen to his conversation with Sue. 

Part I
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Part II
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Brian Gionta interview

A lot of people are talking about something that happened before the game even started.
 Brian Gionta  -- Captain  of the Habs -- introduced the entire team.
 And he did it in English AND French
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Guillaume Cote

The National Ballet of Canada is dancing in Montreal for the first time in 7 years. 
And their lead dancer is Guillaume Cote.

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Professor Ferri Hassani-mining and engineering

Celebrations in Chile as trapped miners continue to be pulled from the ground but while this is going on there are questions about whether this could have been prevented.   Several of the miner's families are suing the mine's owners,  Professor Ferri Hassani teaches mining and engineering at McGill University.

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Louis-José Houde Interview

Montreal stand-up comic and actor, Louis-José Houde, is launching a new Cd and book today.   He's a big star on the French comedy scene here and in France.
 But he was intrigued by Jeanette Kelly's invitation to do an interview in English.

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Margaret Trudeau Interview

Margaret Trudeau, ex-wife of the late former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, has a new book in stores today.  It's called"Changing My Mind".  Jeanette Kelly talked to her.

Part I
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Part II
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Chef Frederic Morin's "Montreal Style" Turkey

Today we're busting open the traditional Thanksgiving turkey Chef Frederic Morin, from Joe Beef restaurant,makes his turkey "Montreal Style".   Listen to his conversation with Sue.

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Chef Ricardo's Dessert Poutine

Chef Ricardo from the Food Network's "Ricardo and Friends" shares his idea for a yummy Thanksgiving dessert.  Believe it or not, he's invented a dessert poutine.

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