• This_Hour_Has_22_Minutes

    22 Minutes Counts Down to Midnight

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes revisits the show's best sketches of 2015.

  • RCAF_NYE_Special_2015

    Air Farce New Year’s Eve 2015

    The iconic sketch troupe takes on and sends up the biggest stories of 2015. With special guest Russell Peters.

  • Ron_James_Fast_Forward_NYE_2015_2015-12-31

    Ron James: Fast Forward

    Ron James explores the highs and lows of 2015, including the federal election, and the man-bun.

  • Royal_Variety_Gala_2015_2015-12-28

    Royal Variety Performance 2015

    Internationally acclaimed stars come together to bring the best of entertainment including Sir Elton John.

  • White_Christmas-2015-12-24

    White Christmas (1954)

    World War II vets turned Broadway stars find romance at a Vermont inn while staging a show to save a bankrupt general.



    Faithful adaptation of the Dickens classic with Alastair Sim as miserly Ebenezar Scrooge.

  • Murdoch_Mysteries_Merry_Murdoch_Christmas_2015-12-21

    A Merry Murdoch Christmas

    A philanthropist is found dead before the holidays and the presents he distributes to Toronto's orphans go missing.

  • Frosty_Returns_2015-12-18

    Frosty Returns

    Frosty and Holly try to outsmart an inventor who has created a snow removal spray.

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