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Razzberry Jazzberry Jam Vol. 4: Snap My Strings


Lots more fun with The Jazzberries in this new DVD! The RAZZBERRY JAZZBERRY JAM follows the adventures of a band of musical instruments - the Jazzberries! Explore creativity and fun with a whole lot of soul; and pop... and jazz, salsa, rock, country, hip-hop - every music genre under the sun. That's because the show is all  about helping kids discover a love for music that involves everyone.

Volume 4 includes these fun-filled episodes:

- Bonnie Tale - Guest clarinet Bonita refuses to perform without sheet music, forcing the Jazzberries to notate their improvisational style on paper.    

- Join the Jam - The Jazzberries welcome guest instrument Herbie the Synthesizer, and think back to how they became a band.

- Tuning In - Preparing to receive the Bandleader of the Year Award, Louis is horrified to find that guest ukelele Lebowski refuses to tune himself!

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