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Treats for the Holiday Cookie Jar


The versatility of cookies makes a well-stocked cookie jar so important over the holidays. They can be the perfect light sweet to serve after a heavy meal, or they can be the special treat to pull out when company stops by for a quick visit. Cookies also keep longer than many other baked goods and pack easily into boxes for a simple yet thoughtful host gift.

At Stefano's house, special occasions always call for cookies and you can be sure he's got some killer recipes to share with you this year. Like the (formerly!) secret family recipe for his aunt's Anise Wine Cookies - perfect by themselves or paired with wine and cheese too. Fill your cookie jars and gift tins with these or any of the cookies here soon and you'll be holiday-ready early too!

Anise Wine Cookies
Biscotti with Pistachios and Cherries
Shortbread Cookies
Stefano's Baci
Stefano's Chocolate Crunch Snack

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