Episode 1

A Simple Game

Hockey evolves from a primitive stick and ball game played in the shadows of the ancient pyramids to a more familiar, if frantic, pastime on the ponds of Nova Scotia. A Renaissance man gives birth to the modern form of the game in 1875 when he gathers his rugby mates, and some intrigued spectators, indoors at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink.

The sport finds its first patron in Lord Stanley of Preston, and hockey grows from a diversion for wealthy gentlemen to a true people's game, embraced by women, students and working men across Canada.

Hockey's first heroes emerge, from the dazzling One-eyed Frank McGee and the Ottawa Silver Seven to the feisty underdogs of the Dawson City Nuggets. As the turn of the century approaches and fans flock to see the stars of an increasingly rough and tumble game, both its players and owners look for a way to capitalize.

Victoria Skating Rink, Library and Archives Canada

Victoria Skating Rink, Library and Archives Canada

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