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Hockey: A People's History is CBC�s epic series chronicling the story of a game and the soul of a nation. It documents the power and passion of a game and the country that gave it life. While the series is of interest to anyone interested in the history of hockey in Canada, it is also of particular importance to educators and their students.

The complete Hockey: A People�s History series is available for purchase on VHS and DVD from CBC Learning. Videos and DVDs are licensed with a public performance license to permit educational exhibition of the program in classrooms or independent study situations. For pricing and availability, please email or call toll-free 1-866-999-3072. (Note: it is a violation of Canadian Copyright Law to show off-air taped copies of the series or home video versions of the series in an educational setting.)

Educators can employ the support materials provided below as a Teacher's Companion to the series. The utility of this resource is only limited by your creativity and time. We hope that you and your students enjoy exploring this resource and return again and again.

Introduction to the Series »
Episode One: A Simple Game »
Episode Two: The Money Game »
Episode Three: Empires On Ice »
Episode Four: The People�s Game »
Episode Five: A National Obsession »
Episode Six: The Golden Age »
Episode Seven: Soul of a Nation »
Episode Eight: Hope and Betrayal »
Episode Nine: Winter of Discontent »
Episode Ten: Reclaiming the Game »

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