About The Show
From the simple block of wood that served as a puck at the first organized game of ice hockey, to the fascinating story of the pioneering women's professional league that sold out arenas during the Great War, to the gold-medal glory of the 2002 Olympic Games, Hockey: A People's History is an epic CBC production that brings alive the roots of a game that has shaped a nation.

Produced in 2006, Hockey: A People's History traces the history of the game over ten episodes. Featuring stunning re-enactments, rarely seen footage, and the words of the pioneers of the game, the series reveals a tale of hockey�s inventors, innovators and empire builders. More than just the story of a sport, it is a story of a people, serving as a unique lens through which one can view Canada�s social history. Witness the coming of age of a nation, and the remarkable journey of a sport that has woven itself into our cultural language and fabric.

Shot entirely in High Definition and produced in the tradition of journalistic excellence that is the hallmark of CBC/Radio-Canada, Hockey: A People's History is a landmark television event that stands as the definitive hockey documentary of record, for today's audiences as well as future generations.

Beginning Sept. 17, CBC Television will present back-to-back all-new episodes of Hockey: A People�s History each Sunday at 8:00 p.m. local time. Encore broadcasts can be seen Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBC Newsworld.

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